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Day 2 cont again

So I had to just make it a Mardigras  Party Card.DSCN1499

Lessons day 2

We are continuing to learn how our brushes work along with water and pigment.  Dawns card is Cornflowers. Good lesson just need to practice and loosen up a bit.


Day 2


Her next card is Birthday 16 Wishes….Varigated wash here. Again the paper used and the pigment really makes a difference as to how things turn out. Hard to mess up , but I did. Need  more work on this a little more. Surely it is the supplies and not just me. LOL. My take is  a sympathy card.


Lessons…Never to old to learn

Well…I gave myself a birthday present. Some of the talent I follow offer online classes  and after staying away from real watercolor for years ….well it was time to jump back into the water pot. I have enjoyed every minute but now realize it won’t be a walk in the park.   The class is  Watercolor for card makers intermediate techniques. Most of the lessons are being taught by Dawn Woleslagle. Very talented lady. There are also several other talented young women who really do offer a lot to learn from.  Here is my take on the class.

Day 1: Wet is wet and too much is a flood. Lesson here is work on the amount of water on the paper and in the brush. I don’t have any outline stamps. Maybe a more complete material list would have helped. Plus time to order since there is only Walmart in my area. Any way …my idea didn’t work so on to the next practice.  Now…about erasers…..need to learn more about what works with what. Mine smudged. Dawns first real card is called Bonjour . Still learning how to use the brush strokes…here is my version



Turned out pretty well. Simple background. Could use some improvement but it’s ok. Will be in the mail this week to a friend.

To be continued