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Mythbusting Complementarianism: 4 Truths Egalitarians Need to Know About Complementarian Women — Michelle Lesley

Clearing up 4 egalitarian misunderstandings about complementarian women.

via Mythbusting Complementarianism: 4 Truths Egalitarians Need to Know About Complementarian Women — Michelle Lesley

The Believer; His Health; and Commonsense

Ayansola Ibukun

For a couple of days, George had been feeling a mild pain along the region of his chest cavity. He however didn’t pay much attention to it because he was sure perfect healing was his. You see, George is a young blooming web developer who is never slothful in business but fervent in spirit and serving the Lord.

As the days went by, so did the intensity of the pain grow. Even though his elder brother was a medical doctor, he wouldn’t discuss the matter with him – “I’m free from sicknesses and diseases”, he kept confessing. Truth is he had been on a three-month-long fasting and prayer at the time as he needed to nourish his spirit-man the more. In fact, the plan was to lengthen it by a month – no time for spiritual slackness. Things however got out of hand on a Sunday evening, on his way…

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31 Day Quick Bible Devotional from Paul’s Epistles (Observations from the Greek)

The Domain for Truth

Here’s a compilation of thirty one of our blog’s quick devotional with each post on a verse from Paul’s epistles in the Bible.  I think they are ideal for daily reading as a project for a month.

I want each to interpret the verse well but also to apply it practically well too.

Here’s the listing:

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Memorial Day by Tom at ExCatholic4Christ


Biblical Beginnings

I simply couldn’t have said it any better, so I’ll just let our brother say it for me!

Today, the country rightly commemorates the servicemen and servicewomen who sacrificed their lives so that we can enjoy the many freedoms we possess. There are billions of people throughout the world who can only dream about the freedoms that we often take for granted. Today we remember that those freedoms were secured for us by those who sacrificed their lives, and we are grateful.

As a believer, today I also remember all of those martyrs who paid with their lives so that we could have the Gospel. When people think about “the martyrs,” they generally think about the members of the early church who were persecuted by the Roman Empire. But believers have suffered persecution over the past two-thousand years, mainly at the hands of the institutional church. Do we ever think…

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Review: Reader, Come Home

God to know

The Domain for Truth

A lighthearted weekend reading review…because sometimes Pastors need a break from heavy reading also.  This evening’s book is on..reading!

Maryanne Wolf. Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World.  New York, NY: Harper, August 14th 2018. 272 pp.

5 out of 5

Purchase: Amazon

This is a book about reading and the medium one uses to read (digital, print, etc) and how it affects our brains.  The author Maryanne Wolf writes in a rather informal style of “letters.”  No matter the format the content of the book and what she has to talk about is fascinating and worth reading.

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Is there a good reason to kill a baby?

Running The Race

Is it okay to abort a baby? What would you say? People give many reasons why abortion is an acceptable choice, including:

  • The inconvenience of pregnancy
  • Incompetence of parents
  • Infant disabilities
  • It’s the woman’s body
  • It’s not a baby
  • Rape or incest
  • She’s not ready to be a parent

Watch the movie here

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Earlier today I had the distinct displeasure of reading comments from both believers and non-believers about Rachel Held Evans

Running The Race

Earlier today I had the distinct displeasure of reading comments from both believers and non-believers (re: vocal atheists) about Rachel Held Evans. Where I saw this doesn’t matter as I’m fairly certain it was just one of countless places where I or anyone else could see nearly the exact same thing.

My big takeaways from suffering these comments are:

1. The atheists seemed much more empathetic and respectful than most of the Christians, many of whom were quick to point out that Rachel Held Evans is in Hell now.

The first part is unsurprising. Matthew 12:30 clearly states that “whoever is not with me is against me” so, of course, atheists are going to have more empathy and demonstrate more respect toward Rachel Held Evans than believers will. An enemy of my enemy is my friend, after all. Although Rachel Held Evans was kind, congenial, funny, tolerant…her theology clearly indicated…

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