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Just Do It!

Not sure why I have so much trouble posting on my blog. Things just pop up and get in the way ,way to ease. Like today. I had finely made up my mind to just do it and walking to the spot to do it there was an orange. Yes, the fruit orange. Well after eating it I was on my way again and the phone rang. That’s how things happen around here. Now I know what you are thinking..just do it. It is just not that easy for me. Maybe it because things have changed. I started this adventure for one reason and that reason has changed.

I thought I wanted to take part in “card challenges” That is where someone , a person, group or company, post a design challenge. After getting all excited and pulling out an unheard of list of supplies and then getting it all on a card base you post a picture. Well it wasn’t that easy for me. I did do this a few times but then I realized there were about a thousand other crafters doing the same thing and I don’t like crowds. Next I thought about doing what they, the crafters, call a tutorial. (That is just a fancy word for lesson.)but my typing isn’t the best and it requires a lot of photo’s which means you need a better idea of how to do this blogging thing. Anyway ….that is my excuse. So how did I end up in the garden?

Oh yes…the garden ,or what was once my flower garden. With the horrible heat, working past 9 or 9:30am is out of the question, but there is slow progress. It is hard to tell but mulch is down , in one corner and the stone turtle is out of the tangel of weeds. .  This has been extended but no photos.

In the mean time there has been crafting time. Two orders have gone out and a bunch of birthday cards ready to mail.

Thank you for this short visit. Do come again and please leave a “hi/hello so I know you were here. We bloggers like to know we aren’t talking to the walls.

And remember…This is the Lords Day….Rejoice and be glad.

Saturday Smiles – Lunar-tics

STOP Trying to Make Me HATE Our President!

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

There have been a few readers of my articles who have written to me about Donald Trump. Most of these people will not be happy until I come out with a scathing article about our president.

I have four words for these and others who are anticipating a hateful article about Trump from me:


Is he perfect?  Certainly not.  Am I perfect, or the people who write to me – or ANY of us?   NO.  There is one perfect One and His name is Jesus Christ.

I expect the Leftist rhetoric about our president from unsaved Liberals.  But, what is going on in the body of Christ that they would feel such hatred towards our president? Is their TV malfunctioning and stuck on CNN?  Even if that was the case – can they not discern between Fake News and Real News?


It is no…

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How Can We Be Friends? 4 Biblical and Practical Considerations for Co-Ed Christian Friendships

Michelle Lesley

Any time an issue regarding the roles and relationships between Christian men and women comes up, there’s bound to be an airing of opinions. Strong opinions. And the social media opinions du jour are about friendships between Christian men and women. What’s appropriate? What’s not? Can Christian men and women have genuinely platonic friendships? Twitter is currently all a-chirp over Aimee Byrd’s new book Why Can’t We Be Friends? which addresses…

…the way to stand against culture is not by allowing it to drive us apart—it is by seeking the brother-and-sister closeness we are privileged to have as Christians. Here is a plan for true, godly friendship between the sexes that embraces the family we truly are in Christ and serves as the exact witness the watching world needs.
P&R Publishing, About: Why Can’t We Be Friends by Aimee Byrd

I guess it’s just the way my brain is…

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Tiger Lily Dance

Do you remember the little indians dancing around Tiger Lily in the Peter Pan Movie.  Well my Tiger Lilies just pooped out. They put on buds but then when horizontal. I ended up clipping them just to keep the mowers from eating the patch.

So while they were fresh …out came the crafting bug  and  I copied them to perfection. Well maybe not perfection but they did turn out . My DnL was on her way to visit family, way up North, and with her mother having a birthday coming up and having a few health issues I just wanted to send her something to cheer her up. I hope this did it.


Inconvenient Improvement

Well…getting to town is now a challenge and will be for some time. … Bridge out by order of MDOT.

Trudeau’s Canada: Muslim Arrested For Groping Six Teenage Girls in Pool – All Charges Dropped

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

A sampling of U.K. “groomers” for the raping of young British women.   **Don’t thinkthat this could only happen in the U.K.

It makes one wonder if there is an outcry about this Muslim pervert in Canada – will this become Canada’s version of “Tommy Robinson” in the U.K?  Will the authorities jail the ones who are vocal about this crime?

At least two of the six girls who were touched by this man, sat in the courtroom and cried when they heard the verdict:  The woman Justice who dismissed the case cited “Unreliable witness testimony.”

I am thinking that perhaps this judge was warned by Muslims about the ramifications of finding the Muslim pedophile guilty.


Can you imagine how fearful this leaves Canadian parents and young girls? They see first hand that Muslims will get a pass for any sexual crimes perpetrated against Canadian girls.

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Before the Hot

What little work got done earlier is over for now. The garden will just have to remain in limbo waiting for cooler days. They will come here and there …. maybe after a storm or two. We did get rain yesterday that came with a blow but no damage. 9/10 is more than we have had in awhile and it was wonderful.


See the earth worm? They are every where and I’m wondering if they escaped from the DH worm bed. I  haven’t worked the bed much since he left and the last time GT and I checked we didn’t find very many. If they are all in the garden I guess that is a good thing.

Good news!!! The lemon tree is alive and beging to grow again. There is even a very small bud. Isn’t Nature just amazing. Who would have thought this poor ,dead looking tree would pull it’s self up. I ask son #3 several times to just yank it out but now I’m pretty glad he didn’t pay an attention to me.



Next…I’ll show the Tiger Lilies .,..both real and paper but for now  it is bed time.

Remember…….This is the Lords day   Let us REJOICE!

Come back soon….I do think there is more in the pipe line. LOL

Free E-Book: My Child, His Child by Diane Poythress

The Domain for Truth

This is a Free E Book by Diane Poythress.  She is the wife of Christian scholar Vern Poythress.  Vern Poythress is one of the rare individual who is a genius; while he is a New Testament professor he’s one of those guys that knows a lot and is down to earth about it.  He’s written on a Christian view of hermeneutics, logic, math, language, science and of course the Bible.  But enough about Vern; there’s a free electronic version of a book written by his wife.

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