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Just Do It!

Not sure why I have so much trouble posting on my blog. Things just pop up and get in the way ,way to ease. Like today. I had finely made up my mind to just do it and walking to the spot to do it there was an orange. Yes, the fruit orange. Well after eating it I was on my way again and the phone rang. That’s how things happen around here. Now I know what you are thinking..just do it. It is just not that easy for me. Maybe it because things have changed. I started this adventure for one reason and that reason has changed.

I thought I wanted to take part in “card challenges” That is where someone , a person, group or company, post a design challenge. After getting all excited and pulling out an unheard of list of supplies and then getting it all on a card base you post a picture. Well it wasn’t that easy for me. I did do this a few times but then I realized there were about a thousand other crafters doing the same thing and I don’t like crowds. Next I thought about doing what they, the crafters, call a tutorial. (That is just a fancy word for lesson.)but my typing isn’t the best and it requires a lot of photo’s which means you need a better idea of how to do this blogging thing. Anyway ….that is my excuse. So how did I end up in the garden?

Oh yes…the garden ,or what was once my flower garden. With the horrible heat, working past 9 or 9:30am is out of the question, but there is slow progress. It is hard to tell but mulch is down , in one corner and the stone turtle is out of the tangel of weeds. .  This has been extended but no photos.

In the mean time there has been crafting time. Two orders have gone out and a bunch of birthday cards ready to mail.

Thank you for this short visit. Do come again and please leave a “hi/hello so I know you were here. We bloggers like to know we aren’t talking to the walls.

And remember…This is the Lords Day….Rejoice and be glad.

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  1. I admire all who garden and do crafts

  2. Beautiful work Beverly! My wife and I were babysitting our grandchildren today and we did enjoy it. Hope you had a great day too!

  3. Beverly…your cards are beautiful and I love the photos of your garden.
    I so understand your trials with blogging. I am so glad I have a daughter in law who can help me out because so many times I need it!

  4. Love the cards!

  5. Beverly, I love it all! I am right there with you 🙂 The weeds grow in my flower bed so quickly! Yes, on the phone too! Half the time you get up to get it and it anonymous or spam callers 🙂 Your cards are very beautiful, each and every one of them! Thank you for sharing. XX

  6. Maria Tatham, a gentle iconoclast said:

    You’re a funny gal, bc!
    Lord bless you big!

  7. Hello my beautiful friend.
    What an incredible post! Filled with conversation and chat, and I really felt like I was there with you, sat at your table as you told me all about what’s going on.

    The Orange …. Ohhh how lovely that is! I love it when we can eat from our gardens. There’s something magical about it. I think that it’s because it happens before our very eyes, and we don’t really have to do that much in order for this mind blowing thing to happen. We just ‘tend’ our gardens. And our gardens say ‘thank you’ by feeding us with yummies!

    How amazing is that?!!

    I’ve tried to pick a favourite . . . hang on … I’m going to go back and look some more . . . OK.. back again . . . see, now it’s REALLY difficult to choose a favourite because they’re all so truthfully lovely.

    I love the yellow background ‘God so loved the world’ with the daisy. It’s so fresh and so warm and filled with love – and I adore that one petal floating free …. “he loves me…”. Inspired! Love it.

    I adore the purple background – 3 daisies card. It’s vibrant and packs a punch which keeps you looking at it. It has such a warm love about it. I’d buy that and send it to a friend or daughter No.2.

    The pink petals – roses perhaps? – which are clambering up the wall . . . (nice embossed background Bev) – that card says ‘love’ and warmth and generosity. I love that ‘stained glass’ effect which must have taken you ages to complete! Yes, I like that one very much.

    The ‘Thanks’ card is very stylish and gentle. It has a toe in vintage, but is also brought back up to the moment with the background splatters. The flowers are beautifully coloured and the whole card has inbuilt depth to it. It speaks of friendship, care and love between two wonderful people. Really fabulous card.

    Finally … the mainly white, but packing a punch with the flowers along the bottom, card. Oh wow! Now this card has an elegance to it which takes it to a whole new level altogether. Had you put the flowers in the middle, it would have been a beautiful card. But … you put them along the edge, and THAT makes a whole big difference to it. Having that white space makes the flowers POP and gives the card a kind of Victorian or even Edwardian elegance feel about it. Absolutely spectacular.

    So … come on Cobs … choose your favourite.
    (This is SO difficult). . . . . Do you know . . . I think I’m going to go with that final card. The Packing A Punch card, with the flowers along the edge.

    That one (for me) is the one that I’d have to pick if I only had enough money to buy just one card. I couldn’t leave that one behind for I couldn’t take the chance that you might not make another one – so yes… that’s the one I’d buy. However – I couldn’t give it to anyone. I’d have to keep it for myself because it’s way too lovely to give away. I think I might even frame that one and hang it on the wall. It’s that beautiful.

    Summing up ….

    Love your card making skills and adore that you garden and can eat from your garden.
    Basically … love you. Plain and simple. Love you.
    Sending many squidges and buckets of love ~ Cobs. xxx

  8. Dear, dear friend-I LOVED this post-you are a good writer and an artist! whatever yo do keep writing when you can-and those cards are beautiful!!! love Michele

    • Well you are sweet. I don’t claim to be a writer and I strive to be a better artist/crafter by the hardest.You my dear are the writer and I can’t wait for you to put a book out. Hurry…I’m not getting any younger. LOL

  9. Life does interfere with our blogging time way too often. Doesn’t it?

  10. You ate an orange from your own property! As someone who has always lived in northern climates, this sounds like a wonderful thing to take time and experience. I especially like these sentences: “I had finely made up my mind to just do it and walking to the spot to do it there was an orange. Yes, the fruit orange. Well after eating it I was on my way again and the phone rang. That’s how things happen around here.” That’s the way things happen in many homes! That blessed phone rings, and we are temporarily interrupted from whatever we are focusing on, and it is almost always a robo-call or solicitation — no one whom we actually know or care about. I am glad the stone turtle is visible and at least part of the garden is mulched. That can be very satisfying to accomplish. And your cards! They are beautiful and unlike anything I have seen before (three dimensional, yes?) Thank you for giving all of us this window into your day.

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