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Intelligent Design – The Miracle of Life Part X

Biblical Beginnings

Beloved brethren we are going to wrap this miracle up in a swaddling blanket and end this series. Pregnancy is actually a ten month affair, however only 5% of moms carry their blessings all the way to their due date. For me, in particular, Kayliegh was born several weeks early due to complications in my pregnancy. I just want to give some last minute thoughts on how miraculous child bearing is, and leave you with a little more awe and wonder at the sovereign God we serve.

In the last weeks of pregnancy the baby prepares for birth, sitting lower and sometimes head down. The bones in the babies head are not hardened like other bones in their body, they remain flexible for birth. At this point the antibodies from the mother are flowing heavily into the placenta, a process that once again involves miraculous acts done by tiny cells…

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Into the Teeny Tiny — My OBT

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So Today

With all the beautiful snow the schedule for today has changed I won’t be going any where.   Instead I  will be working on the little tree. I made the little tree years ago, probably 25 years ago, for my mother. You can see it has seen better days.  All that packing and unpacking just didn’t do it any good. is in the Christmas hospitalDSCN2063.Will update the recovery next week. Until then…watch out for snowballs.




Yes….Snow in central Mississippi. No it wasn’t forecast.

Some friends take up the job to be our dictionary for life!🌸

via Some friends take up the job to be our dictionary for life!🌸

Thursday Book Review – The Life and Diary of David Brainerd

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Caterpillar Homeschool Lesson 4: Interactive Learning

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