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by A.W. Pink

UNFAITHFULNESS is one of the most outstanding sins of these evil days. In the business world, a man’s word is, with exceedingly rare exceptions, no longer his bond. In the social world, marital infidelity abounds on every hand, the sacred bonds of wedlock being broken with as little regard as the discarding of an old garment. In the ecclesiastical realm, thousands who have solemnly covenanted to preach the truth make no scruple to attack and deny it. Nor can reader or writer claim complete immunity from this fearful sin: in how many ways have we been unfaithful to Christ, and to the light and privileges which God has entrusted to us! How refreshing, then, how unspeakably blessed, to lift our eyes above this scene of ruin, and behold One who is faithful, faithful in all things, faithful at…

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Simple but true.

The Domain for Truth

I want to make a bite size witty ditty to make a point memorable.

For Christians the Bible should be important since it is God’s Word.

Christians should have two proper relationship to the Bible.  What are they?

Here’s a little rhyme to drive the point home:

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Are we ready to take up the sword of the spirit?


Michael Jeshurun

Yeah we’ve been crying out against Christmas, Easter and Halloween for many years now and those who have their mind set to compromise will continue to observe these abominations using all sorts of sickening justifications. But that isn’t going to stop me from crying out against it; because the divine admonition to me as a servant of God is not to trim my sails to the breeze of popular opinion, but to tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may!

“And thou shalt speak My words unto them, WHETHER THEY WILL HEAR, OR WHETHER THEY WILL FORBEAR: for they are most rebellious!” [Ezk 2:7]

But that will not make you ‘popular’ nor draw crowds will it?

“No, it will not, and knowing this, those who love the praise of men…

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It is just a simple fact.

Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

During the times of the Old Testament world, there were a lot of things that weren’t really clear. They were mysteries to some extent. Some of the prophets caught glimpses of the revelation of Jesus and truth. They spoke them to the people and wrote them down.

When Jesus came, it all burst into the open. I am so thankful that Jesus is the truth and pulled down the covering of the mystery of God. Jesus shows me who God is. I don’t have to be in the dark. I am in the light of the truth of Jesus. That is amazing. I can know who God is through Jesus.

God wants everyone to know the truth of Jesus. It is now a up to us to reveal the rich and glorious secret inside and out. It doesn’t matter who it is, I must show everyone I can who Jesus…

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A Good Life

soulgifts - Telling Tales

Harvard University has conducted a fascinating

longitudinal study over 75 years of men in two very different cohorts –

268 were healthy college sophomores  from the classes of 1939 – 1944

465 were disadvantaged non delinquent inner-city youths from Boston between 1940 – 1945

 The goal of the study was to identify predictors of healthy aging.

The main conclusion is that “warmth of relationships throughout life has the greatest positive impact on ‘life satisfaction'”.

Raili Tanska

The study shows: “Happiness is love. Full stop.”

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More to think about and pray about.


Michael Jeshurun

These objections are from a letter written to us in objection to the tract- “The Christian and Christmas’!

Are you saying saved people will end up in hell because they practice Christmas? This is not possible. But, if you are using the word ‘Christian’ to mean the nominal unsaved person who thinks they are Christian, then he will end up in hell anyway, regardless of Christmas.
We expose the darkness of Christmas dear friend not to suggest that a saved Christian will wind up in Hell if he celebrates Christmas, but to provoke and challenge everyone who claims to be Christian to examine himself whether he is truly a Christian. A Christian is not at liberty to take anything and everything and ‘sanctify’ it to the Lord in worship. This is what the ‘Regulative Principle of Worship’…

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Something to think about…something to pray about.


That’s right! It’s that awkward time of the year that I almost wish didn’t come around. The time to tell Christians that the Christmas they’ve been celebrating all along has nothing to do with either the Jesus they worship or the Bible they claim to follow. It’s that time when nominal colors really begin to show, when compromising Christian folk will use all kinds of arguments and sickening excuses to justify their little Christmas idol. But as an iconoclast I have to smash it . . . . even at the cost of losing some ‘friends’ and family! So help me God!

THIS is what sets me apart from your average run of the mill preacher, beloved! I am not here to ‘win friends and influence people’ . . . I…

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