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I will be there

I I could have said this myself if I had Helen’s talent . She has read
my heart.

Willow Poetry


Written for prompt:  What do you See? January 15, 2019

Double reverse Etheree Poetry form

I will be there

red lanterns fade into a starry sky

semblance of your face darkens through time

we stood as one in commitment

then your memory was gone

I carry on alone

into golden years

you in my heart

 we will meet




will be

red lanterns

releasing me

home to your embrace

we will dance on a star

illuminate a night sky

sun will radiate through darkness

in everlasting togetherness

 alongside our Lord we rest on the moon

©Hélène Vaillant

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Scripture Reading: Romans 8:28-30 “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who care called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28) This is an incredible promise that God has made to His children. God causes all things to work together for our good. This means both…

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Absolute Truth from the Word of God

The useful idiots have not a clue how they are being used.

For some time now, the Left has been cozying up to Islamist radicals.  The “love affair”  has happened for one main reason – the Left and the radical Muslims have hatred of America in common.

Changing Course

Have you noticed that the number of Radical Muslim attacks has decreased?  Their playbook has changed.  Political Jihad is the current strategy.  We see it clearly in the U.K. where their capital has been overtaken by Muslims and they voted in a Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan. in 2016.

Some say that London is not even recognizable any longer.

Mid Terms

In the 2018 Mid-term election, the first Muslim women were elected to Congress:  Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

Tlaib has already made a name for herself (although infamous) by stating at a rally “We’re going to impeach that M*****F***** –…

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Here's the thing...

What does the year 2019 have in store for us? What does the gospel of Christ have for 2019?

If there is one thing that 2018 taught us, it is that none one knows what a year may bring.

Yet, our culture would have us believe that it offers an abundance of solutions to bring clarity to the mystery, direction to the confusion.

The next smartphone will solve all your problems. A quick internet search will provide you with all the answers. This new app will connect you to the world and possibly your soulmate. Buy this, live here, go there, be like them…and you will be happy. If that does not work, drink this, take those, and stream that until you forget about it all.

Christian author Trevin Wax calls these the myths of our culture. These myths are essentially lies that we believe because they appeal to our…

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Back to School

Listen up Folks.



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The Domain for Truth

Establish the need: How is your communication with your spouse? Specifically do you enjoy communicating with your spouse?

Purpose: Today we shall look at four points to help us communicate better by enjoying communicating with your spouse.

  1. You must enjoy communicating with your spouse
  2. Symptoms of not enjoying discussion with your spouse
  3. What to talk to your spouse about
  4. Assessing what you are talking to your spouse about

Introductory words

Last time we looked at listening. Listening is the foundation for good communication.

Now we want build on that with the matter of the heart: Enjoy communicating with your spouse.

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Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Through the years I have written about this courageous man, Viktor Orban, the PM of Hungary.  He understands that the Muslim migration is a death sentence to societies in the west.  He knows this because he understands that Muslims do not assimilate into societies.

He knows that Muslims remain separate from the societies of their host countries. PM Orban made an epic speech years ago in which he beautifully articulated that the people of Hungary are patriots and do not wish for their beloved country to be invaded by a group of people who refuse to assimilate.

Here is the article I wrote in which I embedded Viktor Orban’s speech:

Viktor Oban of Hungary Makes Historic Speech Against Forced Migration: Show This to Your Liberal Friends

This man is a hero. He speaks for every freedom loving person on this planet. He is PM Orban of Hungary. He knows what…

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