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This is wonderful.

ARHtistic License

HR recruiters, don’t ignore this pool of extraordinary employees who may need a few small accommodations. Make sure you give yourselves time to explore their unique potentialities.

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The Domain for Truth

Note: This is a guest post by Dan Cartwright.  He’s been a brother who has been iron sharpening iron with us on here and social media for years.  I appreciate also his service in the US Army as a Green Beret.  His blog can be found here.  He also tweets.

Forty Good Soldiers for Christ! 

Legion 12th

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Our God always comes through.

God's Grace ~ God's Glory!

The following story may be the first of a new category for this blog There are other Wilderness Sagas I want to share in the future. This is an excellent one to start.


by Brittny Bailey

Our annual vacation from Georgia to northern Minnesota is a tradition established across generations; one I married into and have learned to love. The 1200 miles through five states, around mountains, and past endless acres of corn in mid-summer have been a part of my husband’s every summer since childhood.

His dad began these trips sometime in the fifties when he was still in diapers, and this summer our two-year-old began chanting with unbridled enthusiasm, “Sotaaaa!” Uncertain of its meaning, he was doubtlessly informed by all the dinnertime conversation about the place, spearheaded by his dad and readily entertained by his three sisters. Our girls have several years’ experience, and now…

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Serve Him in the Waiting

Addressing an “unprecedented assault” on the freedom to care for their patients, 15 physicians who have spoken out against what they describe as government and media disinformation and censorship during the coronavirus pandemic have formed a new alliance.

Source: Doctors form new alliance to combat censorship of lifesaving COVID info

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A Call To The Remnant

As I was reading Psalm 51 the other day, it occurred to me that we refuse to be a Nathan to the world. We will not tell the world what ails them. We refuse to offend the world with the truth. We refuse to tell them that they are guilty. David has a very painful revelation of who he was and what had become of him. It leads to the restoration of his soul. Imagine going to a doctor who only ever told you that you were fine, despite the evidence to the contrary. He refuses to tell you because he does not want to make you “feel,” bad. Yet, the spiritual reality for most of the world is that they are dying and unless they find the cure for what ails them they will die in their sin, the thing that ails them.

In America we love to stand…

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All part of the demonic plan

Serve Him in the Waiting

A Scottish worker working with a crew to install the 5G towers and all the electronics that go in it, and when he opened it, this is what he saw:

The worker uses the F-word several times, but I needed to provide the source so you know I didn’t make this up. The picture is a screenshot. It is only distinct and clear for a few seconds of the video, so pay attention!

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Good News from Hungary

Blessing to Hungary

God's Grace ~ God's Glory!

Is there still a Christian nation in this world?

Hear this good news.

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We read in Isa 19:1 ‘behold, Jehovah rides on a swift cloud and comes into Egypt.” Now, how many of us know that when God visits a particular land for the purpose of judgment, that it will not go well for that land? He sits upon the cloud, meaning, that our God is above all […]

Woe to them when God comes down. — A Call To The Remnant