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Dear Reader: *** A God Wink happened yesterday. Another blogger had read this post and liked it….I was trying to remember when I wrote it ….actually almost two years ago. It is funny how, even I, as the author, need to take time to go back and re-read some of my earlier posts…because at certain […]

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Women of Genesis- Lesson 2

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The Women of Genesis- Lesson 1

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Time is short!

Biblical Beginnings

I don’t know if any of you have seen, and I certainly would not recommend you watch, a show called ‘Lucifer’. I’ve only seen the commercials, which are blasphemous enough on their own to warrant a believer never watch the show.

I stopped watching cable TV when I got saved. I could sit here and tell you that there is a hyper-spiritual reason for shutting off the heretical, and often times blasphemous, cable shows, but there’s not. I stopped watching cable because tablets, phones, and now TV’s have access to YouTube and YouTube has access to all my favorite preachers and teachers. I have developed an intolerance for regular television programming over the past two years. *cough ten minutes of commercials cough*

Most of the time, if the cable is on, there is some type of baseball or football on. The other day the same commercial for Lucifer kept playing…

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Biblical Beginnings

It’s finally here, beloved brethren, I have finally found an excuse to gush over Gods creative design of the heart and lungs! As you’ll remember if you’ve been reading this series every Monday, we made it to the second trimester of pregnancy last week in our review of Gods amazing work within the miracle of life. We’re now in month 5, which is when the babies organs begin to mature. Today we’re going to primarily discuss the heart and lungs.

I have some technical clips for you to stress the intricacies of Gods design. You’re not in school, beloved, don’t worry about all the terms. These clips are computer models, and they’re very well done. They do an excellent job of showing what’s happening on a cellular level as well as on a full scale. I promise you’ll be blessed…here is the first one on the lungs…

During the…

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We know it is going to happen some day I just wasn’t expecting it to be this day.

My phone is dead…front says NO COMMAND. Yes I have paid my bill. Then went outside to go check on the down the hill gang and the car is dead too. Havent had any trouble with the battery but it is on charge.  Never know what the day will hold….So back to finishing the Christmas cards.

Ya’ll have a better day than I am.