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Wow! My fingers are finely clean and the heat gun has cooled off. It has been a crazy  couple of weeks as I worked on ,and finished last night , the Christmas card orders. I do love my customers and would love to have a few more. A while back I posted the designs offered this year. And the results?

24                             12                                8                         8

Plus 12 general greeting cards.  All stamped, sealed and ready to deliver first thing after Thanksgiving.  I want them all to enjoy the family time before having to address all of these cards.

Now…..does any one know anything about starting an Etsy shop. This may be the best way to sell the Dingledodie cards. What are Dingledodies? “Dingledodies are friends or acquaintances who you cannot help but be uplifted,enlightened or cheered up by-those people who put the light in your life. They are the special people who never fail to put a smile on your face, because of some series of strange habits or quirks unique only to them” Erma Bombeck

I was introduced to this by MaryAnne at Scrappystickyinkymess. I have followed her for a long time on her blog and she is the reason I make Kennedy Word books for all of my grandchildrens first birthday presents. There is something about your own name that pleases everyone.

Time to think about THE dinner. I’ll be cooking. It has been a while but maybe I can pull it off. Maybe.

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Remember…This is the Lords day…Rejoice! and Happy Thanksgiving to all of us here in the USA.

ps. The Dingledodie cards are the 3D cards made with dies by Susan’s Garden over at Elizabeth Craft Designs.

Guest Post: When Education Lacks a Telos

The Domain for Truth

Note: This is a guest post somehow I miss scheduling for when I am overseas.  This is by our dear brother Josh Niemi.  Sorry Josh!  He is an author of the book Expository Parenting and the website can be found here.  The book’s Facebook page can be found here and he also tweets here.

When Education Lacks a Telos (Ecclesiastes 1:12-18)

What’s the point of education?

For many, the answer is purely materialistic: learn so you can have a good career; get a good career so you can make a lot of money; make a lot of money so you can buy and do a lot of “stuff.” Obviously, this perspective is fraught with danger. With self-indulgent consumerism as the ultimate pursuit, ethics are often just an obstacle to be overcome.

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“Today” by Akiane Kramarik

Talent with a Capital T

Akiane Kramarik SELRES_7fbc6685-c539-42b9-a240-1c33d417945ewas born exceptionally gifted. She was a self-taught child prodigy who is most known for her painting the “Prince of Peace.” She revealed her newest painting in a video of her inspiration for “Today.” Below is that video:

She tells her story in the following video of her childhood and the making of the “Prince of Peace.”:

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Until next time, “God Bless.”

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A Story About Andrea Bocelli That You Will Never Forget: Doctors Urged Mother to Abort Him.

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

There are very few singers who bring me to tears.  Andrea Bocelli is among them.

The beauty of this man’s voice is a gift from God.  I was a fan of Luciano Pavarotti  as was most of the world, but even he did not evoke such deep emotion as to bring me to tears.

But there is a story about Bocelli which most of the world knows little or nothing about.   If you have not heard this story, after reading this piece -you will never  forget it.

Here is Bocelli telling this story during a concert. It is in Italian with English subtitles:

Andrea Bocelli and Katharine McPhee singing “The Prayer”


Andrea Bocelli praises mother for rejecting doctor’s advice to abort

Andrea Bocelli, the blind Italian opera singer, has praised his mother for rejecting the advice of doctors to abort him on the grounds that he would…

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The Depth Of My Pride

Unshakable Hope

As the followers of my blog know, I’ve had ALS for twenty-two years, I’m completely paralyzed and unable to speak. I use an eye-tracking computer to communicate and I am totally reliant on Mary to take care of me.

Chipping away at my pride

I remember when I first started having to rely on others to help me with simple tasks. Even though my body was beginning to fail me and I sounded like a drunk when I spoke, I fought so hard to keep working after being diagnosed. Not just because we needed my income, but also because I just couldn’t imagine not working.

With my job as a Regional Sales Manager, I usually traveled two or three days per week, and usually left for the airport at five in the morning. I remember attending a convention and having to ask a coworker to button my shirt and put…

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Like a Good Neighbor

What do you do when things go south because you aren’t able to do what you do any longer? Let your needs be known…far and wide. For several months my Mother has been harping, yes harping, for someone to clean off the ditch that runs right behind the house at Hope End Farm. It really wasn’t bothering any one but her . She is deathly afraid of snakes and yes the over grown ditch is close to the house. My Dad used to be able to keep it under control but his age has hindered him from doing anything around the farm for several years now.  We are fortunate to  have someone who cuts the hay fields and keeps it from going wild but the ditch had really just taken off and it was a mess.

Every time the good Dr. D. Perry would come around Mother  would ask, ” Who would know how to clean the ditch out.” She just felt like he ,having property himself, would know someone in the area who could get the job done. Little did we know he did know someone…several someones who would be willing to come help out. On Saturday morning, bright and early by  Hope End standards,  the good Doctor and about 8 or 10 other good souls along with good heavy equipment showed up and like clock work working together cleaned out the ditch. Yea! Really cleaned it out. My sister and I would have been the rest of the winter trying to do what they did in short time.

What we did not know is that the good Dr. is head of missions at his church.

Walnut Grove Baptist Church of Walnut Grove , Ms. is growing mission minded young people. They jumped in the dirt and tackled the briers and lifted the very heavy boulders that were brought to the surface from the digging.  And the good adult men were generous with their heavy equipment to make ‘hay’ in no time at all. Having the right stuff with the right people sure was nice. Thank You Dr. Perry and the folks from WGBC. and may our God continue to bless each of these caring neighbors.

Thank you for coming to and do come again. You just never know what will be blogging .Leave a comment so I know you were here and follow so you will know when I return.   Until then…Remember…This is the Lords day…Rejoice and be glad.

Love to each of you,      beverly   aka    Late Blooming Designs


Food, Disciplined Eating, and Theology — Running The Race

Not much time for anything new today so here is a Throwback Thursday post I think readers who missed it the first time might find interesting. Since I have been posting about Whole 30 for the past two weeks and becoming increasingly aware of the link between disciplined eating and Christian life lately, I have […]

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