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Gardening : One Way or the Other

It was back to the hoop house this week. An on going project that may never get finished. Is a garden ever finished? I don’t think so. Even seasoned gardeners are alway changing things around and trying new plants. This hoop house aka green house has been in disarray for a while and now that things have changed around here I am determined to get it back into production. So…now that the freeze damaged leaves on the lemon have been removed I can see what is what. Maybe it will resprout … maybe not. The mint that had really taken over every inch of this space is slowly going away. It will take a lot digging. Mint doesn’t just die out ..It has a life of it’s own and we ,the mint and I ,will be struggling for a while.The picture shows the first attempt at removal and laying down flat boxes to help drowned it out. The second is the pile of stems from the mint. It was growing up the inside of the house.

Oh…had to take a break and do some paper gardening. These two are more of Susans artistic dies that make beautiful flowers …almost real like. I am really enjoying learning how to grow Susan’s garden.


Thank you for sharing a few minutes of your day. Do come back and I’ll even come back more often as the garden takes shape…both inside and outside.

Ants Home School Lesson 5: Interactive Learning

The Domain for Truth

(Note: This is the final lesson for this Home School Lesson series on Ants for 4-5 year olds!)

Purpose: In this lesson we will introduce various interactive ways to learn and to reinforce what we have learn from the previous four lessons about ants.



Youtube videos (link below)


Perfume/spray deodorant/scent spray

Learning Objectives:

  1. Watch various videos on ants.
  2. Acting out as an ant
  3. Review all caterpillar’s lessons.


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From Menial to Magnificent



Hoarding is one thing.   That is easy.  Cleaning out is another,  not an easy thing for me.   But the day comes when the small menial tasks need to be done.  And the Bible says  do not despise the day of small things.

I have been labelled a hoarder, and although I don’t totally agree with that,  well at best then, a recovering hoarder ?   I  have yet a long way to go.   How some people can ruthlessly throw out their sort-after possessions beats me.   I don’t easily throw things away. This may just be a throw-back from my frugal upbringing.  I have learnt overtime  though, to surreptitiously absorb excess into my domain.  Like any good South African taxi driver will say  …  there is always room for one more !!


I am learning to de-clutter, but not so much with my papers on words and writings.    And come the first month…

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Saturday Worksheets – Ants and More

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Wednesday Testimony – What is Truth?

Tulips & Honey

There is this heart breaking moment in the Word of God where Pilate asks “what is truth?” as he looks into the eyes of the only one who could answer that question, because He is the answer to that question. The worst part is that Pilate didn’t stick around for an answer. Most people who question truth don’t actually want an answer, they want to believe truth is relative. There’s nothing new under the sun, relativism today is no different. The testimony below is of a young man who genuinely sought the answer to Pilates question. I pray it’s a blessing to you all, beloved brethren. As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

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More Winter Gardening

Goodness…This cold is hanging on. So back to the craft room and more of Susan’s Garden. ( Just a note…Susan Tierney Cockburn is live on Facebook every Wed. morning showing her designs)

Next up are two cards made while in the learning process.

The blue is Love In A Mist…a pretty little flower I was not familiar with. Still need to google it and find out more. The yellow is good old Pansy. My mother has a container of yellow pansy on her front porch. They may be frozen today.

*sentiments both are from Little Words That Mean a Lot  -ECD Susan Tierney Cockburn

Later I’m going to  tackle Lilac 2 and Primrose 1.  This is fun and very relaxing …You might want to try yourself.

Thanks for come again and do please let me know you were here by leaving a short comment.

Let’s keep in mind that …..This is the Lords day and rejoice in it.

Winter Gardening

It is so cold outside. Nine ((9)degrees this morning and while this isn’t as cold as up North it is plenty cold for the South. Here in Mississippi we just can’t function in cold and snow that turns to slick ice. I am fortunate enough not to have to travel any further than the mail box at the end of the drive or down the hill ( which I haven’t attempted yet) to check on the other generation ( my parents).

So while it is attempting to warm up a bit my gardening is indoors with paper crafting. My order fron Elizabeth Craft came in and oh goodness it was full of such fun stuff. This just doesn’t get any better. Well ….my attempt will get better but I mean the designs from Susans’s Garden. She is so precise in her rendition of all these flowers. Susan has a real love for getting it right. It has been fun.

First off…A good friend has a birthday coming up so this was made in her honor.DSCN2078


*Garden Notes-Black-Eyed Susan  *Garden Notes- Ladder Fern  *Garden Notes- Berry Spray  * ECD- Little Words That Mean A Lot

* Spellbinders Vintage Elegance ( background design )   * washi tape

Thank you for visiting…do come back and please leave a comment so I know you too.

Ants Home School Lesson 4: Life of adult ants

The Domain for Truth

Purpose: To learn the details of the life of adult ants.


Book(s) read:

Ruth Berman Ants pages 24-33.  (Chapter 3: Body Parts)

Trevor Terry and Margaret Linton The Life Cycle of an Ant pages 20-30.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about the activities of adult ants.
  2. Learn to illustrate adult worker ants engage in various activities.
  3. Learn what the Bible has to say about what we can learn from ants

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MOJO lost?

MOJO found

After all the rush getting Christmas crafted and over with it is easy to just want to close the door to the “room” and say forget it. But life must go on for us crafters and the mojo kicks back in with birthdays and such close on our heels. It always helps for new stuff to arrive in the mail. Yea for the mailman in my life. He even placed my  package on the porch . Now I can continue to grow Susan’s Garden and share her wonderful creations with others.

Now while the mojo was down I did have to come up with a couple or three birthday cards but you know me. Forgot to take a photo of the two better ones. Remember …my mojo,what ever that is, was down so there is a lot of room for improvement here.

Sometimes you just have to remember it is the thought that counts. I will really get my self motivated to show the new stuff out,but first gotta get it unpacked.

Do come back…Please leave a comment so I know you were here and bless you for getting inky with me.

5 Signs You Haven’t Fully Healed from Narcissistic Abuse — MakeItUltra™

By Dr. Perry, PhD “Narcissistic people are always struggling with the fact that the rest of the world doesn’t revolve around them.” ~Unknown It is common for individuals who experience narcissistic abuse to suffer in silence or not even know that they are being abused. Because narcissists are master manipulators, they can be very difficult […]

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