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Winter Gardening

It is so cold outside. Nine ((9)degrees this morning and while this isn’t as cold as up North it is plenty cold for the South. Here in Mississippi we just can’t function in cold and snow that turns to slick ice. I am fortunate enough not to have to travel any further than the mail box at the end of the drive or down the hill ( which I haven’t attempted yet) to check on the other generation ( my parents).

So while it is attempting to warm up a bit my gardening is indoors with paper crafting. My order fron Elizabeth Craft came in and oh goodness it was full of such fun stuff. This just doesn’t get any better. Well ….my attempt will get better but I mean the designs from Susans’s Garden. She is so precise in her rendition of all these flowers. Susan has a real love for getting it right. It has been fun.

First off…A good friend has a birthday coming up so this was made in her honor.DSCN2078


*Garden Notes-Black-Eyed Susan  *Garden Notes- Ladder Fern  *Garden Notes- Berry Spray  * ECD- Little Words That Mean A Lot

* Spellbinders Vintage Elegance ( background design )   * washi tape

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Comments on: "Winter Gardening" (9)

  1. That card is lovely and what a beautiful message-good for you for doing something so nice ln winter! Waiting on snow here, but not as cold as there- thank Goodness! love Michele

    • Thank you, thank you! I do enjoy these dies.Our snow is mostly gone…we only got 1/2″but it is always so peaceful coming down. How ever..I do remember the blizzard of 93 ( Alabama) bringing snow thunder. and 2′ of snow. It really was beautiful but lasted way too long.

  2. Just found out my son is stranded in Charlotte airport. Flights to Jackson and about 500 more canceled

  3. Aww happy post leading to a brilliant card! How warm and inviting it looks too, Beverly!

    It’s very cold here, so am experiencing the same feelings. I don’t want to leave the house either.
    We have a lazy breeze of ice cold, which goes through you instead of around you. I can actually feel it freezing my bones. brrrrr.

    The card is really lovely Bev.
    Sending love and warm squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

  4. We were told a warm up was on the way. Hasn’t gotten here yet. I am freezing too and so ready for Spring. But…Son #3 got home finely after being stranded in Charlotte,NC.for almost 24 hrs. Over 500 flights were on hold for the snow storm. We didn’t get much…just cold temps. Even Babe is ready for warmer weather.

  5. Such a beautiful card!!! ❤

  6. It’s funny how gardening and crafting go together. I like to dabble in paper craft in Jan and Feb too. X

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