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After All this Time?

A while back, a long time back, Cobweb nominated me for a Blue Sky Award. Why? Goodness knows I don’t deserve any such thing but I’m sure she was and is trying to encourage me. My blogging skills are much to be learned and I am a slow learner.

The way this goes, if you don’t already know is I have to answer 5 questions, tag 5 other bloggers and question them . There is no ‘have to’ which should be pretty obvious after all this time. It is fun to find out a little more about our blogging friends. Sooo   here goes.

Question #1: When the crafting bug bit you what was the first thing you made which gave you a sense of joy? This is a hard one to start off with. I’ve been ‘crafting’ for ever. Other than childhood coloring and drawing we have to jump to highschool art class. We had an art fair in Jackson and one of my paintings was chosen to enter in. Someone even offered to buy it but crazy me kept it instead.I was really into oriental design at the time and my bedroom was even oriental simplified. Looking at it now…well it wasn’t very good.


DSCN1861 (2)

#2:  Do you drive anyone in your family crazy with your crafting?If so why.  Probably all of them because no one else has the same interest  until you get way out on the family tree. They do seem to enjoy receiving my cards and handmade gifts.

#3:   Do you buy anyone else’s hand crafted items and if so what? If there is something I just have to have….yes. But not to often. My funds are pretty limited being retired. LOL I lately have been on Lily Ellison’s list for handmade soap. She is only 15 years old but very talented and has her own business as well as being a weight lifter in olympic competition. Sometimes she has extra space for new members in the Handmade Soap Club.

#4:  Do you ever make anything for yourself?  What?   Well, my sister and I both have in the past been sewers. We have made out own clothes, or childrens clothes and we both made our own wedding dress. Crazy but we did it.


Later I made the boys jeans and even made a suit for my husband. Haven’t done anything like that in along time.

#5  Do you sell your items? Where?  , I do have several customers for my papercrafting. Mostly Christmas and Pop-up birthday cards. Several years ago I had an Etsy shop but I didn’t know what I was doing and not much came of it. I have the just recently taken the SoSuzy Class on how to market my cards but still trying to get my act together. Like I said earlier I’m slow.

Ok…now who will I nominate? After all this time they may not be interested in keeping this up but……


The Chicken Grandma…oh no someone else has tagged her

Scrappystickyinkymess….I have been following her for a lonf time and have copied several of her projects for my grands.

Jazzycreations……international blogs are always interesting

Ruthiescraftingcorner…..wonderful needle work

Their questions…

1. How do you fnd time to blog and craft too?

2. Is your crafting a business or hobby?

3.What about your space? Do you have a special room or is everything on the dinning room table. I am just overwhelmed with some of the crafting ‘rooms’ I see on the internet.

4. Who is the one person you would enjoy meeting?  Why?

5.What would you really like to learn?  Me…I would love to be able to ‘letter’ my cards instead of stamping.

If you know how to grab the Blue Sky award….go for it. I haven’t figured it out just yet. LOL  It is over on Cobwebs blog.

Remember…This is the Lords day..Rejoice and be glad.  Until next time




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