Beverly Parkison aka Lateblooming Designs

More Winter Gardening

Goodness…This cold is hanging on. So back to the craft room and more of Susan’s Garden. ( Just a note…Susan Tierney Cockburn is live on Facebook every Wed. morning showing her designs)

Next up are two cards made while in the learning process.

The blue is Love In A Mist…a pretty little flower I was not familiar with. Still need to google it and find out more. The yellow is good old Pansy. My mother has a container of yellow pansy on her front porch. They may be frozen today.

*sentiments both are from Little Words That Mean a Lot  -ECD Susan Tierney Cockburn

Later I’m going to  tackle Lilac 2 and Primrose 1.  This is fun and very relaxing …You might want to try yourself.

Thanks for come again and do please let me know you were here by leaving a short comment.

Let’s keep in mind that …..This is the Lords day and rejoice in it.

Comments on: "More Winter Gardening" (6)

  1. Again-so nice and cheerful!

  2. Those are beautiful…but then, I love flowers and I love cards…put those two together and you get awesome! Love these Beverly.

  3. Ohhh these are practically delicious!
    Bev . . . these look like pressed flowers. Are they? Or are they extremely cleverly made paper flowers?
    They’re exquisite! Beautiful.
    Well done you clever thing. These cards are going to really brighten someones day.
    Bless you Bev.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

    • Now Cob. You know they are paper and goodness knows I am trying to make them just like Susan TC does but it will take a few more trials. Not sure how they are going to be handled..They just don’t fit in a regular envelope and postage is out of sight. But then you know that first hand. I’m not sure what kind of “price ” I could expect and they are very time consuming.But Is so much fun seeing them come together.

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