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MOJO lost?

MOJO found

After all the rush getting Christmas crafted and over with it is easy to just want to close the door to the “room” and say forget it. But life must go on for us crafters and the mojo kicks back in with birthdays and such close on our heels. It always helps for new stuff to arrive in the mail. Yea for the mailman in my life. He even placed my  package on the porch . Now I can continue to grow Susan’s Garden and share her wonderful creations with others.

Now while the mojo was down I did have to come up with a couple or three birthday cards but you know me. Forgot to take a photo of the two better ones. Remember …my mojo,what ever that is, was down so there is a lot of room for improvement here.

Sometimes you just have to remember it is the thought that counts. I will really get my self motivated to show the new stuff out,but first gotta get it unpacked.

Do come back…Please leave a comment so I know you were here and bless you for getting inky with me.

Comments on: "MOJO lost?" (14)

  1. Great cards Beverly! Yay for mojo kicking back in and looking forward to seeing the new supplies! Have a Wonderful and Blessed weekend! XX

  2. Can’t say I’m back in full swing just yet but there is hope.

  3. Love those two cards Beverly! I know exactly what you are saying about mojo being down. I really need to get back in the swing of making cards.

  4. those cards are beautiful and do not make me think you ever last a bit of your “mojo”! Crafting does require a lot of :housekeeping”. Best wishes for a productive year! love Michele

  5. Lovely cards Bev. You’re way too hard on yourself. I adore the bird … such a cheeky chappy! lol.

    Your mojo is there …. it’s just putting it’s feet up, waiting for you to be ready and get back in the groove. By the look of the cards …. YOU’RE IN THE GROOVE again!
    Go to it kiddo! Get crafting.
    Sending you hugs, love and lots of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

  6. Yes…this old lady will be 73 on the 25th. Time sure does fly when you are having a fun time being old. lol

  7. It is nice to still send cards and I am sure they appreciate it. Remember walking out to the mailbox from our old farmhouse. The mail was like the internet connection. Enjoy the holidays bcparkison and thanks for sharing my memory!

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