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It was back to the hoop house this week. An on going project that may never get finished. Is a garden ever finished? I don’t think so. Even seasoned gardeners are alway changing things around and trying new plants. This hoop house aka green house has been in disarray for a while and now that things have changed around here I am determined to get it back into production. So…now that the freeze damaged leaves on the lemon have been removed I can see what is what. Maybe it will resprout … maybe not. The mint that had really taken over every inch of this space is slowly going away. It will take a lot digging. Mint doesn’t just die out ..It has a life of it’s own and we ,the mint and I ,will be struggling for a while.The picture shows the first attempt at removal and laying down flat boxes to help drowned it out. The second is the pile of stems from the mint. It was growing up the inside of the house.

Oh…had to take a break and do some paper gardening. These two are more of Susans artistic dies that make beautiful flowers …almost real like. I am really enjoying learning how to grow Susan’s garden.


Thank you for sharing a few minutes of your day. Do come back and I’ll even come back more often as the garden takes shape…both inside and outside.

Comments on: "Gardening : One Way or the Other" (10)

  1. You have been busy! I love mint, and never planted it in the ground. Perhaps I shall try it sometime! I like the sound of a hoop house, do tell us what you plant and how it goes 🙂 Your cards are lovely! I love the sentiment on them too! Have a Wonderful and Blessed day Beverly! XX

    • Thank you dear Ruthie. Thought of you yesterday when washing dishes. lol
      Don’t plant mint in the ground. It will take over your yard. Plant in a container. Really, this is the biggest mess I have gotten myself into. Time will tell if I manage to get rid of it.

      • Sounds great! I will use a container! Safe grows really well too! 🙂 I’m glad I was washing dishes with you😁. I find doing dishes relaxing, especially while gazing out the window watching birds and squirrels antics !

  2. Growing mint in the garden is giving it permission to take over the world!
    It’s the most invasive, plant killer I’ve ever known. We had a dreadful run in with it many years ago at our old cottage – and I vowed I’d never plant mint in the open garden ever again.

    So … I feel your pain Bev. I again wish we lived closer … Mr. Cobs would come round and give you a helping hand with that bally mint.

    I ADORE those cards! They’re incredible and SO real.
    I think …. if I were forced to choose a favourite … (hang on, have to scroll back up and double check) . . . . .. Ok after a LOT of decision making, I think I’d buy the one on the right – the Lilacs(?). There’s something about it which ‘speaks’ to me. But then … I like the other one too – it reminds me of my Grandma!

    Basically … I love flowers. Especially those – as they’re so perfect.
    Beautiful, Bev. Absolutely beautiful. You clever crafty thing!
    Sending love and lots of fluffy squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

    • My goodness…you are doing my heart good today. Well really every time we “talk” and have a cup together. Hold on…there is more coming soon. Hehe

  3. I sure wish you the best with your flowers- I have a few I am worried about. Love your paper flowers too!

  4. Keep us posted sister!

  5. Looking lovely. I do wish I was green fingered but plants just don’t seem to want to grow for me. Maybe I should try mint haha! 😂
    Hayley 💕

  6. Hello, my dear. Thought I was overdue for a visit to your corner of the bloggosphere!

    I love fresh mint. My mother grew it in our garden, but when she wasn’t looking, I would sneak back and eat all the leaves. Poor mom used to get so exasperated with me! She tried telling me that if I ate ALL the leaves, the plant would die, but I kept forgetting. Really looking forward to getting back home and planting my garden again. Mint will certainly be front and center!

  7. Oh how I would love a hoop house but I have no space 😑 Mint is so hard to control. Good luck. I love your cards – my idea of fun. 🌼

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