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There are very few singers who bring me to tears.  Andrea Bocelli is among them.

The beauty of this man’s voice is a gift from God.  I was a fan of Luciano Pavarotti  as was most of the world, but even he did not evoke such deep emotion as to bring me to tears.

But there is a story about Bocelli which most of the world knows little or nothing about.   If you have not heard this story, after reading this piece -you will never  forget it.

Here is Bocelli telling this story during a concert. It is in Italian with English subtitles:

Andrea Bocelli and Katharine McPhee singing “The Prayer”


Andrea Bocelli praises mother for rejecting doctor’s advice to abort

Andrea Bocelli, the blind Italian opera singer, has praised his mother for rejecting the advice of doctors to abort him on the grounds that he would…

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Comments on: "A Story About Andrea Bocelli That You Will Never Forget: Doctors Urged Mother to Abort Him." (5)

  1. Doesn’t this make you wonder how much talent and skill has been lost to the abortion mills? So grateful for those with the strength to stand against doctors who advise them wrongly.

  2. I’m not in a position to judge anyone on any of their choices, for they have their reasons which I know nothing about, and I have no knowledge of the path they walk.

    That being said, I am filled with gratitude to Mrs. Bocelli for her bravery and courage, and for the obviously wonderful job she’s done in raising her child.

    Nice post Bev. xxx

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