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Those of you who have been hanging out with me for awhile may remember a post I wrote about a special Christmas moment our son, Brandon, had at work a couple years ago. I can’t find the bloomin’ post right now, but here’s the gist of it.

One week before Christmas a lady came into the store where he worked to pick up a set of linen napkins she’d ordered to match her Christmas tablecloth. She was having a big family dinner on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, whoever had ordered them had ordered the wrong ones. She was horribly, HORRIBLY upset and crying. Brandon overheard her arguing with one of the sales clerks and went to see what the problem was.

He listened to her story then had her set down in his office while he proceeded to call other stores looking for the right ones. Finally he found them and…

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Is Music Neutral?

I am so glad you clarified this.

Is Music Neutral?

Michael Jeshurun

On a Forum some time ago a Sister in Christ asked me as to what constitutes true worship. She wrote – “I know that many only worship with Psalms, but the scriptures say “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs – making worship in your heart to the Lord.” My husband and I usually worship the Lord with some of Gadsby’s Hymns, though I am unable to sing. It would be interesting to see what others believe is True Worship.

Pasted below is the answer the Lord led me to write –

Dear Sister,

The question which you have raised is indeed an important one for the Christian. If you had asked me this question in your living room over a cup of tea, my answer would have been plain and simple and straight to the point. This is because you are already for the most part…

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Prayerfully Contemplating

thought about this subject you should.

Reasoned Cases for Christ

This is the Reverend Sam Allberry and you may have noted that I recently posted an article that featured a conference Sam gave in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada a while ago which was recorded and I subsequently linked five of the videos for it. Sam is a priest within the Anglican Church of England who also happens to be homosexual, in that he is sexually and romantically attracted to men but he does not, nor has he ever, practised or acted upon his homosexual leanings. I personally watched all of the five videos and I thought that they were all Biblically sound. I also thought that they addressed an issue within the Christian Church that for far too has often been short sighted and lacking in compassion and Biblical understanding.

Just to set the record straight, I will list some of Sam’s stated Biblical beliefs.

Sam does NOT recognize same…

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Tulips & Honey Hub

Hello, beloved, I hope this post finds you all doing well. Today I dropped the first part of a two part interview with blooger Michelle Lesley. In this episode we discuss Mrs. Lesley’s testimony, how she came to teach women, and the open letter to Beth Moore. In the next episode we get into more specifics about the connection between Mrs. Moore, the SBC, and the Twitter responses. My hope is that this interview will help clarify for anyone who does not use Twitter how things have progressed in this discussion. There’s a bit of an awkward ending, due to some technical complications. Other then that, I hope you all enjoy this episode. Michelle is a delight to talk to, and truly a blessing to be taught by! As always, dear friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

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A Different Perspective

Reasoned Cases for Christ


If I told you that there are ministers of God who are homosexual, what would you think?

If I told you that none of us, in our own human sexuality, are really straight, when it comes to lining up with God’s purpose for marriage and sexuality, what would you think?

Interesting how our minds work, isn’t it?

In a recent post of mine that dealt with discussing differing perspectives regarding the LGBTQ community, while maintaining respect for one another, I was criticized for speaking on a subject that I had not personally experienced. I don’t personally think that is a valid criticism but I do understand what my friend was indicating.

To that end, I’m going to provide some links so a series of videos that were given at a conference presented by speaker, author and Pastor Sam Allberry, who shares his approach to this topic while having lived…

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This is a joke right?

Well stated…Thank yu

The Lions Den

Read a quip by a fella who sincerely (well maybe a feigned sincerity) asked if historians of the Christian persuasion can possibly be honest by promoting the biblical narrative.  Here it is.

Question: Can a biblical historian be thoroughly objective as a Christian and retain their integrity?

Ha! Perhaps this is the better question:

Does the atheist have an ounce of INTEGRITY when sitting in judgement of God and scripture?

Thus the question posed regarding historians is riddled with contradiction, and further reveals the deceptive traits in promoting ‘errors’ in the only reliable historical account of man’s origins, his progress, his regress, and his future.

But there is more. It is not so much that the atheist has issues with Joshua, trumpets, King Darius, Daniel, dreams, Mordecai, Haman, Xerxes, Esther, the hanging gardens, the Red Sea, The Tigris and Euphrates, Seth, Enos, Methuselah, King David, Shem, Japheth, Ararat, (all historical…

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Please understand this truth.


compiled by Michael Jeshurun

“Christianity cannot be integrated with yoga and remain Christian. To think otherwise imperils the Christian truth and faith. As the managing editor of ‘Hinduism Today,’ Sannyasin Arumugaswami, remarks, ‘Hinduism is the soul of yoga ‘based as it is on Hindu Scripture and developed by Hindu sages. Yoga opens up new and more refined states of mind, and to understand them one needs to believe in and understand the Hindu way of looking at God. . . . A Christian trying to adapt these practices will likely disrupt their own Christian beliefs’.’ East is east, and west is west, and if Christianity is to remain Christian, ‘the twain’ should never be married. – Pastor Larry De Bruyn

“The practice of Yoga is Pagan at best, and Occult at worst. Its teachings emanate from the Eastern religions, all of which…

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