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Wintergatan’s Marble Machine seems just the thing to fire up a ho-hum Monday, should you be having one. Please feel free to leave links in the comments to any other bits of Monday Magic that come your way. It’s good to spread them around. Wintergatan is a band whose creations are described as ‘Swedish folktronica’ in the […]

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CAS in the crafting world is’ copy and share’ or’ clean and simple’. Mine is the first. In one of my orders came this flyer from Echo Park Paper Co. Looked like a good design to CAS so I did on a card for the good neighbor who gave me the figs. The card is on the left. lol


I also got the mail out to my customer.  Some of this was all ready to go. A few had to be a late night project.


Good Figs

Good neighbor Brenda called and had a gal. of these beauties. In the dehydrator because I am really trying to get away from sweets..sugar any way. Aren’t they beautiful? One of God riches blessings…fresh food and neighbors.DSCN1889

I also tried to watercolor figs just to keep some people happy. hehe Hmmm! Enjoy your weekend..or what is left of it. It is the Lords day…rejoice.



Back to Watercolor

Some of my blogging friends are doing so darn well with this watercolor challenge it is kinda discouraging for me who hasn’t done much of this in so very long. Goodness…I haven’t even dared go to the link and see what the world is doing. So I just stay kinda safe and stick to my cards. There has been a jump out every day or so but … my age I’m just not very adventuresome. But I will share a couple of cards. I’m still trying to get to the point where I can ‘open’ a shop and sell I just have so many questions. Any way…my mother has abirthday coming up . She will be 94 if I dare say. Never have understood why women are so sensitive about their age. The alternitive is to not have an age for peats sake. This should count as watercolor I think.DSCN1886Well they are backwards but so goes it.


A few days ago over on SCS (splitcoaststampers) they were doing an embossing thing with chlorophyll. I thought it sounded like something from grade school and I was right.

Well sometime it works and sometimes it doesn’t but here is the results of my effort.DSCN1877


Today is Sunday

Today is Sunday but I thought it was yesterday. When I woke up in the early morning hours yesterday I fully thought it was Sunday and was thinking of a simple,quite day with not much to do. After getting on with the day and getting around to checking email and such I came to realize it wasn’t Sunday at all but Saturday. The PC doesn’t lie about such thing. But I was totally out of the mood to do any thing of value. These things happen to me quite often lately. I know the reason behind this pitiful situation but only know to roll with it and eventually things level out and get back to normal…what ever that is.

Now we….several of us bloggers…are into this World Watercolor  and I have given it a go ,but it is really nerve racking when things don’t go well. Like today. My Crocosmia are in bloom. They are as tall as I am almost which granted isn’t to very tall and I so wanted to do them justice. I have recently been looking into watercolor again after a long  dry spell. What I have learned is how important it is to use good artist quality paints and paper. I don’t really have that so I’m using that as an excuse. Now I know a real artist wouldn’t have any problems but like I said ….it’s been along dry spell. Any way this is a picture in the natural setting of my garden which you will remember my dog has taken apart in places.DSCN1874

Well….there was more but it has disappeared. Sorry.DSCN1876

Back At It

It really is harder than I wanted it to be..getting back into watercolor that isn’t a card or from markers. But here is what is bothering me: Maybe I’ve just forgotten it’s been so long but maybe I need new supplies…sounds like an excuse…so I’ll just keep at it and hope for improvement…..soon. The water pump on the left  is in my back yard. It doesn’t pump water, just for ‘yard’ art and there is a story here. A long time ago when we first started working in farming we toyed with the idea of having a composting toilet in our cabin.  My sister gave the pump to me for Christmas one year and said anyone who didn’t care for indoor plumbing need a water pump. I love the old pump and it goes where we go. There is a picture of the real pump below.  On the right is my rendition of the fabric on my grandmothers old sofa that is now in my house. It must have been pretty wild for the times. There is a picture of the fabric too. Do give this watercolor month ago. You’ll enjoy it even if it doesn’t turn up in the Louvre.