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Power of the Holy Spirit

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Jesus challenges to understand that the harvest is ready. We just need more workers.

Should we consider Catholics as a part of our evangelistic and apologetics work? I think many of us may be uncomfortable with dealing with this issue. The question is whether the Catholic Church is a religion or just another Christian denomination?

Here is a view I agree with. My assessment is that when you reject scripture as the sole source of authority and outsource doctrine to a corrupt human being, you are now in a deep heresy.

Consider this from John MacArthur.

Reclassifying the Pope, reclassifying Roman Catholics as believers isn’t that simple. It has massive implications. It has implications that literally overturn centuries of missionary effort. It has massive implications that overturn centuries if not millennia of martyrdom. In the long war on the truth, the most formidable, relentless, and deceptive enemy has been…

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Power of the Holy Spirit

Here is a remarkable story of the power of Jesus and evangelism. Becket Cook was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He attended Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas. After graduating from Austin College in Texas, Becket moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of writing and acting, finding success in both. Finding a new sense of freedom in L.A., Becket also fully engaged in his new life as a gay man. He had a series of many relationships with men throughout the next fifteen years.

  • In September of 2009, Becket met a stranger at a coffee shop in Silver Lake who invited him to his church in Hollywood called Reality L.A. Becket reluctantly agreed to attend the service.
  • After hearing the sermon that Sunday, Becket was utterly transformed by the gospel and gave his life to Jesus.
  • He also knew on that day when God revealed Himself to him…

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Well said.

Serve Him in the Waiting

If there was any lingering delusion that the ones who have held the reins of America since 2020 were going to go down in flames with the next election cycle, this should orient you to reality; or so one would think.

Personally, I think this is one of the clearest indications yet that the American government is actively, present tense, collapsing.  History will look back and mark this as a defining moment. It has nothing to do with who is at the center of all of this.

Have you seen the photos of the progressive drying up of Lake Mead? Sunken boats, human skeletal remains, crashed planes, the cement aggregate plant used to produce the cement for the Hoover Dam, ghost towns, things hidden for decades in the murky depths, now out in the open for the world to see? That’s America in front of the entire world right now…

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Highly recommended

The Domain for Truth

Note: Since this work contain the writing of my favorite preacher, if you are a fans of Spurgeon have you checked out my Review: Charles Spurgeon Framed Art Print?

Christ in the Old Testament Free Grace Broadcaster

Various Authors. Christ in the Old Testament.  Pensacola, FL: Chapel Library, March 15, 2022. 48 pp.

5 out of 5

Free: Chapel Library

Purchase: Amazon

I was always curious about the church’s interpretation of various Old Testament prophecies of Christ, especially among sound Gospel preachers, do you have the same curiosity too?  If so this work might be for you!  This is actually an issue from the Free Grace Broadcaster for Spring 2022.  I have been receiving different issues from them since I order booklets of famous old preachers and teachers such as Charles Spurgeon but this is the first time I read one of the Free Grace Broadcaster since the topic of Messianic Prophecies fascinated me.  My…

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Reasoned Cases For Christ


The seven things God hates are a catalog of sins summed up inProverbs 6:16–19. While these aren’t the only sins that should be avoided, they do sum up most of the wicked things condemned by God. The seven things God hates are the sins that deal with the deep heart motives of the individual. The writer of Proverbs points the finger straight at our hearts and our sinful thought processes.

This is in line with our Lord Jesus Christ’s elaboration of the Ten Commandments during HisSermon on the Mount(Matthew 5:21–48). Sin is committed the moment it is conceived in the heart, even before it is actually committed. Avoiding the seven things God hates will help us expose our hidden intentions and motives.

The following is Proverbs’ list of seven things God hates:

Arrogant (haughty) eyes:This describes a feeling of pride…

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Where do you stand?

Serve Him in the Waiting

This video hurts to watch and the topics covered literally made me feel physically sick. It’s not new information to me, probably not most of you, either, but I hate the way this world and even many churches have become. I wanna go home. My weary soul is vexed.

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Paper Boats

We have of wisdom here and wisdom come from the fear (awe) of God.

Reasoned Cases For Christ

I don’t know if this post will help anyone or not. I don’t even know if I am on target, but what follows is how I see and understand what I see happening as of late, with regard to the abortion issue. Hopefully it will help someone.

Bruce’s Parable of the Paper Boats

There was a man on the island of Whatever who had a paper boat that developed a tear in it when it was left in the water for any amount of time. The man tried to fix the tear in his paper boat but that tear or another tear kept coming back. What was the problem? The problem was that the boat was made of paper and paper doesn’t last very long, when exposed to water.

Other people on the island of Whatever who also had paper boats ran into similar problems. Sometimes the paper boat would…

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Men, Love Your Wives

Run With It

In America, today is a day we traditionally celebrate our human fathers. The day is referred to as “Father’s Day,” so I am going to focus more today on the role of the husband and father than I am on the role of the wife and mother. And actually that is appropriate because the man is to be the head of the household and the one who leads his family spiritually (if he is a Christian), and so he should be the one to set the tone for what happens in the home, although I realize he can’t entirely control all that goes on.

Now let me say this. My human father, although he claimed to be a Christian, and although he made sure we were “in church” every time the doors were open, was a bully and an abuser who took advantage of all who were weaker than him…

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The Diotrephes syndrome.

Are we there yet?

A Call To The Remnant

The name Diotrephes means “nourished by Jupiter.” Jupiter was the Roman God, the most important of all their gods and was worshiped across the Roman empire. He symbolizes everything Rome was. And the Diotrephes that we meet in 3rd John is a man who loved to have the preeminence. Many believe that the dagger that was struck at the heart of the Church was Constantine, but in reality it was this man as early as the 80s ad. I discovered over my 20 years participation in the system, that fellowship with mere professors was harmful to my own walk and was met, for the most part, by indifference from those who at best, were perpetual babes as opposed to sons and daughters. This perpetual state of infancy( and I’m being generous) is perpetuated by the very system itself. Clergy/laity divide is the main symptom of the Diotrophes syndrome. Diotrophes replaced…

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Think on these things. Time may be short

Reasoned Cases For Christ

7 mountains

This post was originally written back in 2017 and it is just as relevant today (probably more so) as it was five years ago. For additional information on “Dominionism” please click here.

I’d like to begin this post with a note of urgency. There is a strong delusion rapidly growing within the Christian Church throughout the whole world, right now. Whether you realize it or not, it is here and it is growing at an alarming rate. The Word of God has already warned us that this was going to happen.

The Church, the body of Christ, especially Pastors and teachers, really need to take this very seriously. In fact, all Christians should take this very seriously.

2 Thessalonians 2 
RSV reads as follows:
Now concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our assembling to meet him, we beg you, brethren, not to be quickly…

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