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Treelady’s Nursery

This is it. The most delightful plant nursery to visit I’ve ever been too. It is back in the woods off of a gravel road. Quite and peaceful and you just want to sit a spell, drink a cup of herb tea and listen to the birds and the bees. Yes there are bees so beware. That is why everything looks so good.Bees pollinating the flowers and fruit treesand making that honey you will see for sale in the shop. Lots of good stuff here. Handmade soap and personal care products ,hand stitched items as well as handmade greeting cards. The plants are beautiful, well cared for and well…those of you close by need to visit. You will be glad you did.

You have to wonder what is going on when something you have worked on just doesn’t come about.  Treelady’s open house ,at the nursery where my cards are on display, was a grand success. Only problem was the card lady ( me ) wasn’t there. After all that prep and packing the car up and getting my mind around being “professional”some little bug came in at 2:30 in the morning of and took me out . Ugh!

This weekend has been  World Card Making Day. All weekend ,card makers all over the world are getting together to do what?…make cards of course.  I had a plan going into the open house that was going to be fun, educational and hopefully a new customer or two would come out of it. These are the cards that were going to make newbies want to do it to. Simple but you gotta start some where. Hopefully another weekend will be planned .DSCN2018

Wild Country Living

Now this isn’t what you would think about wild living. There are some around here that have “wild”parties but this is Nature in it’s wildest form.

Here I the sunny South we don’t get the fire red and orange and yellow leaves of the North, but we do have grand wild flowers we can count to show up regardless of the weather.Wet or dry…they show up…not in a planned garden but on the road sides where very one who takes time to enjoy natures beauty can relax and just see the beauty in a weed.

They say she will hit later this evening or tomorrow morning but she has moved farther East and maybe we will only get some much needed rain. This was the sky outside my kitchen this morning.


Prayers for those in the path please. This has been a really active year for these summer storms. So many people have lost so much.

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These are in my Mothers yard. See…you never know where they will come up


Jill Briscoe, Tony Evans, Chrystal Evans Hurst, Brenda Leavenworth, Leslie Ludy, Bianca Olthoff, Wellspring Group

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