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Power of the Holy Spirit

Here is a remarkable story of the power of Jesus and evangelism. Becket Cook was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He attended Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas. After graduating from Austin College in Texas, Becket moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of writing and acting, finding success in both. Finding a new sense of freedom in L.A., Becket also fully engaged in his new life as a gay man. He had a series of many relationships with men throughout the next fifteen years.

  • In September of 2009, Becket met a stranger at a coffee shop in Silver Lake who invited him to his church in Hollywood called Reality L.A. Becket reluctantly agreed to attend the service.
  • After hearing the sermon that Sunday, Becket was utterly transformed by the gospel and gave his life to Jesus.
  • He also knew on that day when God revealed Himself to him…

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Comments on: "Lesbian Women’s Studies Professor Comes to Jesus: Rosaria Butterfield" (3)

  1. Glad God savied Rosaria

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