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Before the Hot

What little work got done earlier is over for now. The garden will just have to remain in limbo waiting for cooler days. They will come here and there …. maybe after a storm or two. We did get rain yesterday that came with a blow but no damage. 9/10 is more than we have had in awhile and it was wonderful.


See the earth worm? They are every where and I’m wondering if they escaped from the DH worm bed. I  haven’t worked the bed much since he left and the last time GT and I checked we didn’t find very many. If they are all in the garden I guess that is a good thing.

Good news!!! The lemon tree is alive and beging to grow again. There is even a very small bud. Isn’t Nature just amazing. Who would have thought this poor ,dead looking tree would pull it’s self up. I ask son #3 several times to just yank it out but now I’m pretty glad he didn’t pay an attention to me.



Next…I’ll show the Tiger Lilies .,..both real and paper but for now  it is bed time.

Remember…….This is the Lords day   Let us REJOICE!

Come back soon….I do think there is more in the pipe line. LOL