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There have been a few readers of my articles who have written to me about Donald Trump. Most of these people will not be happy until I come out with a scathing article about our president.

I have four words for these and others who are anticipating a hateful article about Trump from me:


Is he perfect?  Certainly not.  Am I perfect, or the people who write to me – or ANY of us?   NO.  There is one perfect One and His name is Jesus Christ.

I expect the Leftist rhetoric about our president from unsaved Liberals.  But, what is going on in the body of Christ that they would feel such hatred towards our president? Is their TV malfunctioning and stuck on CNN?  Even if that was the case – can they not discern between Fake News and Real News?


It is no…

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Comments on: "STOP Trying to Make Me HATE Our President!" (4)

  1. If we could just pray for our leaders and for discernment and wisdom for us and them we would be so much better off that spewing discontent and hate. You have hit it right Beverly.

    • Of course we know this has to happen .I just want to be out of here before it gets really ,really bad and we are pretty close. Hang on…the road is bumpy

  2. Morning Beverly! 🙂
    Although I know you yourself didn’t write this article I want to reply here because I like talking to you, and also know that you must feel quite strongly about this or you wouldn’t have shared this on your blog. 🙂

    So, going to be playing ‘divils’ advocate here…

    Are people actually trying to make you hate Americas current President, or are people simply being vocal about their opinions?

    If you look at it a different way, and pretend just for a moment,. . .

    Mr.Trump was your choice for President, and you voted for him, however . . .(still pretending here) . . . Walter Elias Disney was voted in!… Now you might have a few choice words about what you thought was a big mistake and maybe even disagree with some of the things that Walter E.Disney was doing or saying.

    Maybe you’d be saying that Mr. Disney was being ridiculous by saying that he was going to bring in a law so that all Rocket Flights to the Moon would have a band of Mickey Mouses, painted around the body of the rocket so that the world could see that America’s #1 Best Known chap was in fact a Mouse who made good.

    I’ll be honest here, I could see why Walter Disney would do this – for Mickey is known world wide. But … I would also agree with some of the US folks who voiced their opinions saying that it made the whole Space Programme into a bit of a joke.

    You though .. may 100% support President Disney because he is THE PRESIDENT, and was voted in to do the job, so support him is the thing to do, even though you actually voted for the other chap and wanted him to do the job.
    OR … you might tell people how disappointed you are that the chap you voted for didn’t get the job, and maybe even disagree loudly with some of the things President Disney does because you disagree very much with those things.

    So… stopping pretending now . . .

    Are people really trying to make you hate Mr. Trump, or are people simply passionate about their thoughts and disagreements of the Pres. and/or some of the new laws passed, or even the Tweets that he taps out on his cell phone?

    If you look at it a different way, is it just that some people are being quite vocal about their disagreements about President Trump and feel the need to vent their upset feelings by doing the things they feel the need to do.

    Them shouting and holding placards outside Trump buildings aren’t going to change anything – he’s still going to be the President, but they feel better about their gripes because they’ve aired them.

    Don’t take it personally and don’t get het up about it. It’s not personally directed at you, it’s just that people have a different belief or point of view than yours and feel a great need to tell you, the President, and sometimes the whole World about their feelings because they feel so strongly about it.

    If you’re happy then that’s a good thing. Don’t let someone else’s opinion on your opinion bring you down Bev. People have a right to voice their opinions, that’s a great big *plus* about living in the countries we live in. We have the right to voice our opinions. What a brilliant thing that is!

    Sending you B.I.G. love and a bundle of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

  3. I agree living in a free country where we have freedom of speach is one of our blessings. but…and this is a big but…the underlieing current here is trying to do away with all of our freedoms. Now being a Christian and understanding God’s word as best as I can I know all of this has to take place before our Lord can come back for us and put this world back to its glory. But…it is so disrespectful some of the demonic things going on.,which I guess would be expected. Satan is alive and well on planted Earth.

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