Beverly Parkison aka Lateblooming Designs

Hello…I’m here…again

Well, it has been awhile. Things just seem to get really crazy around here sometime. Between home chores, gardening, keeping the kidos and now soccer games…well you get the idea. Listen…you have not lived until you have watched 4 year olds play soccer. Just so cute. They really are getting better with each game and we have enjoyed every minute even though some finish really close to bed time for us. We are early to bed and early to rise. Does it make us wiser? Maybe.
There hasn’t been much creative stamping going on lately but I can show you what I made for a birthday present/card.

Happy Birthday Meredith

Happy Birthday Meredith

Word book

Word book

This is called a Kennedy Word Book and I really enjoy making them. Meredith has a favorite color can you guess? Green! So that’s where the inspiration came from. The first picture is the front and of course the last is the “word” part. It pulls out and is really cute. Pictures don’t really do it justice.

Finally got more planted in the hoop house for fall. This morning I got 18 plants of broccoli and 9 plants of Swiss Chard (the colorful kind) all neatly tucked in and mulched with pine straw. The lettuce and red mustard is looking good but some little something is eating the mustard before we get to. DE will take care of that . Rain is coming in hopefully tomorrow as there is hope we will be eating later this fall. Are the prices at your store going up on a regular base? They are here. Ok…one last picture… my little soccer player and goodness isn’t he a handsome sport?
Just like his Daddy all over again.

Soccer time

Soccer time

Well better get the chicken on to cook and we will see about posting more often . In the mean time remember…this is the day the Lord made…Rejoice

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