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Where did the time go?

Fifty years ago today our lives changed with the announcement of Mr.and Mrs.DSCN1571

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  1. YOU? This is YOUR anniversary? Surely not. It can’t possibly be. You’re way too young to have been married for 50 years! This can’t be so. You’re just teasing us.

    • Nope….This is it. I do recommend marrying your best friend. That way there are no surprises. You already know where all of the skeletons are hiding. lol

  2. LOL. Many Congratulations on your 50th Wedding Anniversary. I hope you had a wonderful day, filled with memories and love. Sending you both love and wishes for many more happy years together. ~ Cobs. x

  3. Thank you dear Cob.

  4. Praying for you dearest Bev. You are never far from my thoughts and I just wanted to say hello and leave you a hug full of care and love, from me.
    Thinking of you and sending love ~ Cobs. x

    • Thank you dear Cob. Isn’t it funny how someone we may never get to meet in person can mean so much to us. You are a dear friend. I am doing ok. I stay buzzing during the day with lots to do but mostly just busy work so I don’t have a pity party. Of course I have stayed by myself before when he has been on a road trip with my son who drives a big rig, but hes not on a road trip now and the reality of “he’s not coming back” sort of makes the nights hard. But I do trust that my Lord knows my needs. I have got to get my act together and do this blogging thing . There is a little store in town that may carry my cards. Wouldn’t that be fun? Til later, Love to you and enjoy this day that the Lord has given us .Beverly

      • I agree … it is funny how two people who may never meet, can still mean so much as if they’d been friends for ever. In fact, I was just jotting down a few notes for my blog post tomorrow which mentions this very thing. How strange that you should say it at the same time! Both on the same wavelength, obviously.

        The idea for the sale of your cards in the store in town, sounds like a wonderful idea. It would give you something that you ‘needed’ to do and wanted to do so that you could give the store a regular supply. Brilliant idea Beverly. Go for it.

        Before I sign off … I need to ask you (because I’m worrying) … you do have friends and neighbours who are popping in to see you… and relatives? (I’m a worrywort and can’t help it.)

        My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend.
        Sending my love, through the either, ~ Cobs. x

  5. You are amazing. Yes i have people. Lol Two of my sons are here even though they work away most of the time. My #1 son drives a big rig ( bull hauler ) and takes cows out west and to Kansas. My #3 works off shore ( deep water )and is 3 on 3 off. My #2 lives in Georgia,USA( not over there.) #1 &#3 wives are here , they are a blessing. #3 is the one with all the little angels ( 5). Then there are my parents ,just down the road. They are both 93 yr. and require a lot of attention. See…no time for a pity party. Lol.

    • I couldn’t bear to think that all your family lived a gazillion miles away and that your nearest neighbour was five miles.
      As for a ‘pity party’ … my wonderful friend, Beverly, – the grief you’re experiencing at the loss of your beloved husband most certainly doesn’t count as a pity party. You’re fully entitled to feel miserable, and if anyone says differently, well, you can direct them to me and I’ll soon sort ’em out!
      much love ~ Cobs. x

  6. Oh don’t count me brave. …Well i am pretty independent but don’t be fooled by my head held high. I manage to fall asleep through very real tears nightly. I do know my Lord has me in his embrace but reaching out and knowing my love isn’t there is really almost more than I can handle. I just fake it during the day by staying very busy. Like today…i started cleaning out the hoop house ( green house). After not using it in at least two years you can imagine the mess, but that is another story. Maybe I’ll blog about the transformation. With the sad state our world is in i’m sure I need to be growing something besides weeds. love to you Miss Cob.

    • Brave? It’s your middle name!
      Aw, I know the ‘head held high’ trick which we do to fool people that we are fine and dandy and everything is groovy, and, because I know it, I recognise it when I see other people doing it.

      Beverly, I have always known that I couldn’t cope without Mr. Cobs, and the older I’ve got the more strongly do I know this ‘know’. So when you say that reaching out and knowing your love isn’t there, right where he always has been … is something that resonates through my veins and heart. Where-as you are stronger and made of finer stuff than I. I’d go to pieces and have that pity party you talk about, all day for days on end. I am filled with so much admiration for your strength and your mental capacity to just get on and do stuff. Like the hoop house.

      And talking of the hoop house … yes, grow something. Grow lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers. Food stuffs. Things you can eat and enjoy. Things which will ‘pay you back’, for the amount of effort you put in.

      I love you dearest friend. I’m here for you whenever you want me, and even if you don’t … I’m still here.

      Sending love ❤ ~ Cobs. x

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