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I’m Back…Sort Of.

Thanks to a special order I am back at the crafting table. Bless my Mother’s home health nurse. She probable knew I need a little nudge. Shhh….don’t tell and I’ll show you what has been in the works.dscn1595 I’ve made several of these Pop-Up Box cards but mostly for birthdays and get well. After seeing the one I made for my mothers birthday she decided she needed several for special people this Christmas.I do enjoy this and making them all different was not even boring. I’m not really into making a hundred of something which I why I don’t have a store.


Need to get back to blogging. I will try it’s just not the easiest thing I ever done. Some of you Miss Cob over at the emporium.. are.just so good at this thing called blogging that it is rather intimidating. Am I showing my age? Probably so.

Love ya’ll, ..Remember…This is the Lords day..Rejoice! Even when you don’t feel like it.

Beverly aka  Lateblooming

Comments on: "I’m Back…Sort Of." (2)

  1. Ohhhh Beverly, these are beautiful.
    Each one is an incredible work of heart.

    I cannot pick a favourite for as I pick one … my eye moves to the next and then that one becomes my favourite. Then I move onto the next one and … well you get what I’m saying.

    I really really like the fabulous little row of houses one .. for it reminds me of a place I used to live some years ago.

    I love the Manger scene, because it reminds of the reason we celebrate and it speaks directly to my heart.

    Aww …the fabulous red one – so rich looking. I fell for this one instantly as I have a soft spot for that lovely vintage red colour, – and the burst of flora out of the box, and the way it’s shaped, looks like it’s been made by a florist! It’s so beautifully shaped.

    The icy blue box on the right/back is just as I’ve said, Icy … and I think that it’s got snow flakes busting out of the box… or, it could be white flowers. Can’t quite see them properly – but that’s more down to my need for new glasses! lol

    LOVE the Christmas Tree box! Who would think of a Christmas tree bursting out of a box! And adore how you have decorated the top of the back, with the pine branches. That looks classic and so perfect there.

    Finally … the box on the back row, far left. Now this one is hiding a little, but from what I can see it looks like foilage with some Christmas Ornaments …. and if I’m right with that, then I just know that it looks stunning as I can imagine it inside my head.

    These really are incredible Beverly. I’m totally thrilled to see you crafting again, and to such a high standard too!
    You’re brilliant. … but then .. you know that.

    Sending love, and praying for you my blogging friend. I hope this is the first of many more crafting posts.
    love ~ Cobs x

  2. Thanks Cob.I can always count on you for an ego boost.

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