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Babe and I made it

Oh….the storm was awful. On our tin roof it sounded like something terrible was going on. The weather radio was blaring and Babe and I huddled in the corner. The yard is a mess but all is well.dscn1617

Babe is my dog in case you are wondering.

More weather coming in later tonight. More prayers going up.

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  1. Hello Beverly …. well my goodness! You’ve been through the wars of wintery nature I see!
    In the cottage where Mr. Cobs and I used to live, there was a rickety old shed in the garden, which had a tin roof, and Cobs Snr. and I would go out to that shed, when there was a hail storm, and stand in that shed, listening to the deafening noise that the hail made on the roof. We absolutely loved it. Our eyes would twinkle with merriment.

    However … now that we’ve grown older, I know that I would be more scared of that sound now. Somehow age does something to you and you become more wise and aware of the dangers of nature. So we don’t do that anymore. However … we do stand in our conservatory and listen to the soft sound of rain hitting the roof when God decides to water his garden. And, like children, we find the magic in that sound and share those few minutes being the children of God that we are, and taking pleasure in those small things which, when you realise, aren’t small at all. For magic like nature is stunningly, breathtakingly amazingly HUGE!

    I’m thankful that you and Babe made it through the storm in one piece and without losing any sleep over the storm.

    Praying for you – whatever the weather – and thinking of you all the time. Sending my love, through the ether. I hope it reaches you in one piece, and unbattered by weather and hail.
    love and squidges ~ Cobs. x

    • Cob, this wasn’t just a rain storm it was a tornado. Don’t think it was on the ground but I really felt like the roof was coming off. Weather warnings were everywhere and thank God for his favor. My prayers for his protection were answered. We have been in a tornado before but this was different. I thought it would never end.
      ps. watch your email

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