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Happy Birthday Jesus

I wonder what our Lord would say if he came down this Christmas ? Would he say we’ve done good or would he disapprove of all of this celebration. I’m sure he would be glad for all the family gatherings provided it is a happy occasion and doesn’t get into an uproar. Why can’t we all get along? That seems to be the mantra lately. Well…maybe it’s because some of us forget or never knew why we have this celebration to begin with.

Our Lord did come down a long time ago and is coming back. Soon , some of us think and pray for daily. I guess this is so on my mind today because some people I love dearly have already made the trip to the other side of eternity. I’m  wondering what” Christmas ” is over there.. Do they know how much they are missed. Do they know how much they were loved and are still loved every day even though they aren’t here. Do our acts of celebration mean any thing to the heavenly host or is it  looked at as frill. I wonder.

We will be at my #3 son house tomorrow . He won’t be there but his family will and we will talk to him during the day. Some jobs have to go on ..doesn’t matter the celebration. We will enjoy good food and play with the Grands. I did make a cake …a birthday cake for Jesus.  Would Jesus like coconut ?   Merry Christmas …Please keep Jesus in your celebration.dscn1625

Comments on: "Happy Birthday Jesus" (2)

  1. Love! Agree whole heartedly and your Coconut cake looks delish! Jesus’s Birthday cake! Have a great time with the grandkids and family! xxx

  2. The cake looks delicious. I have some of the same questions as you do when it comes to Christmas. I do think it is something we do need to remember…..keep Jesus alive and living in the middle of the celebration….not off to the side, safely, quietly out of the way in his manger.

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