Beverly Parkison aka Lateblooming Designs


Here is the other one.dscn1633

This picture is awful but not bad in real life. The background flowers can barely be seen in persons and the wooden bird is really  cute and not a stand out ugly like my photo. Good grief woman…learn how to photograph..Patience! Even an old lady needs to learn.

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  1. That is a beautiful card! I thought your photo was fine.

  2. I LOVE this! It’s so different and has a very slight ‘old’ look to it, BUT .. it’s old as in Cinderella or Rapunzel. It has a magical quality about it, and dips it’s toes into a bookish type of childrens fantasy. Aww GREAT work Beverley. Love it. ~ Cobs. x ❤

  3. Did you notice the bird? It reall is prettier than the poor photo.

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