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why can’t I comment on blogs that I follow?

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  1. If you figure this out let me know. I think WordPress has some odd quirks here and there. I have a blog that follows me and I follow hers. Her comments show up under the little “bell” in the right hand corner but I cannot open them from there. I have know idea why. I also have blogs I follow that never show up in my reader.????

  2. Ok…. I think I might be able to solve the problem… (fingers crossed).

    WordPress have done some little changes and now … you HAVE to click on the title of the post (at the top of the post you’re about to read or have read) so that it takes you into the actual post itself. THEN … you will be able to comment.

    On my blog (not sure about others, or even if it’s still the same now that W.Press have done changes) … but in order to make the first comment you have to move your cursor over to the right of the TITLE of the post.
    There you’ll see a little pale grey speech bubble. You have (or had, if it’s now changed) to click on that speech bubble in order to make the first comment or some read the comments.

    So summing up ….

    Try clicking on the actual title of the post you’re reading or want to read. That opens the page up …. and the comments should be there too.

    Hope that helps. xxx ~ C. xxx

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