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I am about to step out and discover what I have been missing in this card making adventure. SoSuzy  has an e-course coming up that hopefully will answer all my questions about what I need to be doing that I haven’t been doing. Like Who, Where, How and how much.  Starts April 15 if anyone else is interested. Until then…she says I should be describing the makeup of these creations. I’ll have to work on that.


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  1. That card is absolutely beautiful and I love the sparkle!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness!! Oh Beverly this is perfect. I’m not sure if you know but… these words are my ‘saying’. They are the words which spur me on. Make me move forward. Encourage me to TRY! To actually BELIEVE in myself, and in my abilities and things I CAN do, rather than the things I find difficult. They tell me to just have a go and believe that I will over-come and prove to myself that I can do *this* thing (whatever *this* thing might be).

    I even have those words permanently on my blog. Over to the right, at the top of the ‘widgets’ bar. (I didn’t even believe that I could build a blog – all by myself, let alone make it look pretty and personalise it – so my blog is a constant wonderment and miracle to me, .. and proof that ‘I CAN’!)

    When I saw the card you’ve made I actually gasped out loud, and my hands cupped my face. I nearly cried. It felt like you were talking to me.

    It’s PERFECTION. Love the flower – it makes such a great partner for the sentiment. And the lattice is wonderful.
    The whole thing is brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant.
    Sending bundles of love ~ Cobs. x

    • Just popped by to tell you ….

      I’ve nominated you for the Blue Sky Tag Award.

      It’s not a complicated award. All you have to do is answer 5 crafty questions. Nominate 5 other people for the award and then simply pose 5 questions for those people to answer. (you can use my questions if you like).

      But … if you would rather not get involved, then that’s totally fine Beverly.
      Just pop over to my blog and leave me a message on any post, saying that you’d rather not be nominated and I’ll remove your name and link and replace it with someone else.
      It will be fine, and I’ll still love you to pieces.
      But … Hope you don’t mind that I thought of you for this craft orientated award.
      Sending love and squidges ~ Cobs.

      • eOh goodness..I am over blown . No…that was the storm that blew through last night. almost 5 in. of rain and the thunder rolled and rolled. Is there a time frame for this honor. I have to shop for Mother today. LOL I’ll be back later if the road is still passable.

      • No time frame Beverly, and you don’t have to give long answers like mine. I just went to town and had some fun with mine. lol

      • You know I’m kinda slow .but I will answer… and answer… and answer.You know how my blogging just disappears so easy.

      • Please … Don’t fret Beverly. Take your time, there’s not a time limit or regulation on it. You can answer in a week, or a month, or sometime this year. And your answers can just be one line answers. There’s nothing required which means you need to worry about it.

        If there’s a question you don’t like, you can simply reply with a bit of a fun answer.

        Please don’t stress about it, and if you feel that it’s too much of an ask, then you can tell me you don’t want to do it and I’ll find someone else, poppet.

        You mustn’t feel that you HAVE to do it. You can simply say ‘no thank you’. And that will be the end of it. No worries at all, I promise.
        ~ Cobs. x

  3. Good. Is this to be done on my blog our where???You know I don’t understand all of this .

  4. Nice post..👍👍👍

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