Beverly Parkison aka Lateblooming Designs

Mothers Day

It’s that time again. Mothers everywhere deserve a special day. Raising a bunch of kids ,even one, is a full-time job and some mothers don’t have the privilege of being an at  home mom and work an outside job too.  Mothering is hard work.  Does it stop once they are out of the nest? Nope! In some ways it is even harder because we aren’t in control any longer. We have to trust that our raising was good and that our babes  are ready to take on the world. We have to trust that the choices they make are a good fit and that they will be able to raise their babes ready to take on the world.  How others handle all of this without Gods help is something I just find impossible. He alone carries those of us who trust in him through all the trials of being a mother. So this weekend when you are saying thank you to your mom  for being there for you say a special prayer of thanks to the God who made life possible.

Here is the happy gift I put together for my mom.


Happy Mothers’ Day to every “MOM” out there.

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