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Dear Reader: I came across the wittiest imaginary conversation between God and St. Francis of Assisi…the more I read…the more I smiled…and then chuckled. See for yourself: (If we can’t laugh at ourselves…we need a few lessons in humor.) A conversation in heaven between God and St. Francis. “WHERE DID THE […]

via Life is Short…Laugh! — Chapel of Hope Stories

Comments on: "Life is Short…Laugh! — Chapel of Hope Stories" (3)

  1. Oh Beverly, this was so much fun!!! I loved it and am going to make sure my lawn-fertilizing, grass-bagging, tree mulching son reads it LOL.

  2. lol!! That was fantastic!

  3. Aw Beverly, thank you SO much for sharing your find with us all. This is just perfection. I’m going to pass this one along to some email friends I have. I know it will strike a chord with them too.
    Sending oodles of love your way (as always!) ~ Cobs. x

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