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Lazy Summer Day

The rain has stopped for now. Looks like more later tonight and maybe tomorrow. The Pearl River at flood stage and will affect some farm land and homes soon. Pray for these people. It will be too late for the farmers to replant and I can only imagine the pain of having to rebuild after a flood of dirty water takes your home away..

The kittens that peeked out from under the wood pile a few weeks ago are growing. They make a trip to the wilds every now and then and aren’t seen for a day or so. Hopefully they will find a new home on one of their visits. This picture is the day they came out to visit .


There are five of them and yes they are cute but aren’t all baby animals? But they do grow up .

I am sitting on the porch waiting for UPS to bring new storage for my craft room. Something has got to give here as I do much better when things are more organized than they are at the moment. New markers need a space of their own. I am expecting great inspiration when the brown truck arrives.

Thinking about selling my handmade cards has proved to be more than my brain can absorb. There is a lot to do, to figure out and set into motion but hopefully I will prevail. It would be nice if I knew someone who could give me some hands on help but so far that person is hiding out somewhere not here. But …I have been busy…


This is a new stamp from Elizabeth Craft Designs. Of course the image isn’t a sunflower. The sunflower stamp from yesterday came later.  One layer cards are hard for me.???? But I understand not everyone will be interested in a more layered creation like this one.

Well, I’ll continue to settle on this . Any comments are greatly appreciated. Please let me know when you visit this blog and do comment on other blogs you visit. That is the only way we know we aren’t flapping in the wind.

Until later…This is the Lord’s day…rejoice and be glad.





































































The kittens that peeked out from under the wood pile have grown. They now go on a trip several times a week and


Comments on: "Lazy Summer Day" (11)

  1. A beautiful post LOVE LOVE LOVE the kittens. But you’re right. They grow.

    OK… your cards.
    I have an idea about selling them.
    Have you considered going to a local (ish) shop/store to see if they would sell them on behalf of you?
    You tell them how much you would like for *this* card or *that* card, and then they can put an higher amount on top of that figure so that they get their own cut for selling the card!

    E.G. If you said you wanted (say) $3.00 for a particular card – they could then put that card up for sale for maybe $4 and they get that dollar to keep for themselves.

    Now I’ve made those amounts up so please don’t be fuided by the figures I’ve used here. I was just plucking amounts out of thin air.

    Have a think Beverly, about what shop/stores you have local(ish) to you where there is enough of a footfall (plenty of shoppers) who might like to buy a card. I would suggest that the footfall should be more women than men, as women can see the value of a handmade card, but men don’t really have that built into their systems. 😉

    Failing this suggestion …. have a word with your daughters in Law and see if they can come up with something which would be the perfect thing.

    Sending love by the barrow load ~ Cobs. x

    • sigh … “fuided” should have read GUIDED! tsk tsk

    • Thanks cob. I do have an interest at the garden nursery Troy worked at for several years.( This fall when things pick back up in the growing industry.) She has received my cards herself so knows my work. Wondering about internet sales??? Just a lot of questions.

      • You could try selling on Ebay?

        I see a lot of handmade cards are sold there.

        But .. it’s a lot of hassle and you’re up against SOOO many other sellers. But …check out Ebay in your country and see how many handmade cards are up for sale, and the quality of them, (and the prices) so that you can get an idea of the market for them over the pond there.

        I absolutely think that the garden nursery would be an idea. Do you have any galleries locally? Or places of interest which have a gift shop attached to them?

        What you need, I think, is something where you speak to someone face to face. Because all the internet stuff just leaves you in blue funk,and you get mixed up with it all.
        Then there’s the packaging up and posting – which adds stress to you, and cost to the customer.

        I reckon that choosing a shop nearby(ish) which has a gift section, or a place within the store where you can see your cards being displayed – that way, you only have to deal with the shop owner, and don’t have to take phots, load them. Figure our the cost of posting etc etc etc..

        Have a think about it. And talk to the family too. They may come up with the perfect solution for you which is missing from my brain, because I only have one brain cell. lol.

        Love you oodles ~ Cobs. x

      • See…I told you..There is just so much to think about and well…..

      • I know. aw, it makes my brain hurt. xxx

      • To much competition on etsy but haven’t looked into ebay. Will do.

      • Well …. I guess it’s worth a look. Here in the UK there seems to be a whole gamult of card sellers on ebay… but some of them do seem to be popular and have many followers and sales.

        I know I follow someones blog, who makes some beautiful cards, and sells them on Ebay. They sell for quite a price too. So who knows Bev. You could end up being Hallmarks nightmare! LOL.
        Love ~ C. xxx

  2. Do you ever have vendor fairs in your area Beverly? They do lots of them here in the Midwest. People pay a certain amount for a spot and can sell whatever they want from their “booth”.
    Also those kittens are so cute! And I noticed you have a wonderful old wood chicken crate in that photo!!…..Leave it to the Chicken Grandma to spot that LOL.

    • I have one in the living room as a’coffee’ table too. Good way to stash away thing I don’t need the grands to get to. LOL Yes we have fairs but it is one thing I really have to think about before jumping into a $50.00 fee and an all day or two sit. I don’t see a lot of people buying any thing and have heard venders comment on the fact.

      • that is true! I have done a couple with essential oils but never craft items. I thin a lot of people that go to vendor fairs go to find ideas of things they can do!

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