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Oh gosh it is Hot

Is it world wide…I think it may be . Just to hot to even think about sitting outside for long. But I can remember not having “canned air”and not having a cool car to ride in. We just didn’t know any different and we lived regardless.

I promised a sneak peek to Cobweb so here it is.




I’ve been playing around and thinking about things to put into my ‘store’ should it ever come into being. I’ll share more later.

Hope everyone had a safe 4th and got their fill of cook- out food and watermelon. Oh goodness we haven’t even had one yet. What are we thinking? Better put that on a list for next shopping trip.

Enjoy the ‘warm ‘evening …fall really is just around the corner and it can’t get here fast enough.  We are ‘die-ing ‘here.

This is the Lords day…Rejoice and be glad….even if you are melting.

Comments on: "Oh gosh it is Hot" (7)

  1. OOooo that box of books looks STUNNING! See … you’ve got my curiosity going now. I want to see the books and more of the box they’re sitting in!

    I also spy two beautiful cards. Are those going in your ‘store’ when you’ve got it up and running? They look beautiful, from the bits I can see. Did you make the tassles too?
    You’re very talented Beverly.

    Thank you for sharing these makes. They’re brilliant. You clever thing!
    Sending oodles of love …. Cobs. x

  2. I am with Cobs…..your box makes me want to see the books inside!
    Love it!
    I also want you to know I am not ignoring you! Having issues with my wordpress and cannot get anything but a white screen when I try access “my sites” and “reader”! So very frustrating that I cannot see what new posts people have! Hopefully I will get it cleared up soon.

  3. I also should tell you….you are not alone in the heat wave! We were in the upper 90’s today with humidity to match. It makes a cool shower sound wonderful! My dad always says, “It is hotter than Dutch love.” I have never been totally sure what that means!….and maybe I don’t even want to know…..

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