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Time for a Little Fun

This week marks the first year anniversary of my late husbands passing. It is still strange to refer to him as ‘my late’. It is one of those categories you don’t think about and when it happens it is kinda of a shock to use the term. Some days it is like it all happened yesterday and others like I am in a not so happy dream . I still occasionally grab two cups for breakfast only to realize this is just crazy. To top it all off it has been raining on and off all week with more for the next week. I usually enjoy the rain and watching the weather is something ‘we’ enjoyed. Comes from so many years farming I guess. But this rain ,at this time, has made me sleepy and I know it can be a sign of depression and I just can’t go there. So….I made a couple of fun cards. I don’t do funny very often but these stamps are for a project I am working on trying to get together sale items. Well..these won’t be part of the deal. They are too time consuming but fun never the less. A couple of dear friends have a birthday coming up and well….here goes.

The one with the window  is upside down on the inside .lol  Should have just left it side fold instead of top fold..  Live and learn.

For the past year I have been receiving Daily Email Affirmations from Wilcox Funeral Home. They are something I have looked forward to even though some of them are way out there in spiritual thought. Maybe later I will share some of the more thoughtful quotes. Until then…remember…This is the Lords day…Rejoice! leave a comment so I know you have been here. Just say Hi

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  1. Maribeth (Moss) Bourlet said:

    Much love and prayers for you, Bev. I can so relate to this. Today is the anniversary for Leo’s death. It still gets to me after 15 yrs now…but not as bad as it used to. It slowly gets easier. *HUGS*

  2. Hello Beautiful Beverly.
    I can’t believe that it’s been a year. It’s gone by so quickly. But then, I say that about the length of time which has past since I lost my mother. It feels like just a couple of years and yet it’s 13 years. Crumbs … 13 years. I feel as though I’ve added that up incorrectly, but I’ve just checked with Mr.C and no … 13 years is correct.

    I still remember it as if it were a week ago.
    I don’t cry as much or as easily as I did before I began my climb on Kilimanjaro – the mountain of pain, anguish and all out blinding grief. But I shall never stop missing her presence.

    You are on your own climb of that mountain, and … to be truthful, I think you’re incredible. You have been so mentally strong and so filled with the ‘keep on keeping on’ vibe which is so very hard to do. I know that there have been some bad days and that there are days when you don’t want to get out of bed…. but you’ve continued. You are such an inspiration. A truly magnificent woman, and I love you to pieces.

    The cards ….. oh. my. goodness!!! They are sooo sweet, and so funny. I know that perhaps they aren’t your ‘normal’ … but they are very worth while. I can see that they take a little longer, but they’re worth the effort. I love them, and others will love them too.

    You are in my thoughts, my prayers and my heart. You are not alone.
    There are a hundred thousand angels by your side.

    You might want to turn your speakers up a little, as it begins very quiet – and actually … it doesn’t really get that loud either.
    Sending you this, with my love ~ Cobs. xxx

  3. Hi Beverly, all you can do is take each day as it comes, and keep on keeping on. You’ll get there.
    I love the cards, they gave me a chuckle. The window is only upside down looking at it that way… when the card is stood upright the window’s the right way up!
    I waffle on a lot about the spiritual side of things over on my blog, but do so in keeping with my Feel Good theme… even if I don’t feel as good as I could, I usually find something that lifts me (mostly, anyway).
    I hope you feel lifted also, when you need it.

  4. I cannot believe it has been a year Beverly. My prayers are with you on this journey that was not your choice to make.
    I do need to tell you your cards are so fun! What a good way to have a little “therapy”.
    If I can paste a song here I am going to….will see if it works.

  5. Hey Beverly,
    I don’t know what to say, except the fact that you are one amazing person and hugely inspiring. I love your cards. 🙂

  6. Hi, I’m new here and visiting from the wonderful Cobs website. Your cards are wonderful and although they take a little longer I know they will be much appreciated. What a lovely idea to make them when you knew you were feeling down. Good therapy indeed. Barbara

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