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Why Do I Need A Misti?

Well there is a very good reason. Misti is a stamp positioning tool .Misti stands for the  Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented and it was invented by My Sweet Petunia which is one of the places you can get one. Now here is why you should have one if you are a stmper.


See all of those blotches. Misti gets rid of those.


It really is amust have. And when making a whole lot of cards ,or what ever, the stamp stays in place and you can just stamp to your hearts content. (Now why didn’t I think of this )

This new stamp is from Penny Black. I won one of the blog hops and goodness it is hard to decide what to get when you NEED every thing Penny Black has. But after lookin and looking I settled on these two background stamps.


After seeing a really pretty card on facebook I felt a CASE was in order.( Copy and share)


Comments on: "Why Do I Need A Misti?" (6)

  1. Beautiful card idea. I am the happy owner of a large and a small MISTI and I even considered getting the Tim Holtz version too. I love using them and agree they are a great addition to your tool kit for card making.

  2. That card is beautiful. I have never heard of a misti but I may have to investigate.

    • Trust me…it can make all the difference. Comes in three ( a2 front card fits good),original and scrapbook size. Of course she has come out with add ons but they are good too.

  3. I don’t have a Misti, but I have a Hampton Art Stamp Perfect, which Mr. Cobs bought me as a Christmas present – either last year or the year before (memory fail!), and I love it, particularly for my clear stamps, as I can position them perfectly … and if something doesn’t stamp perfectly the first time, I can simply re-ink the stamp and stamp it again.

    These tools are brilliant! Love them – and I can clearly see that you love yours too!

    I adore the card Beverly. So pretty.
    Squidges and love ~ Cobs. xxx

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