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Just a little taste

We know it is going to happen some day I just wasn’t expecting it to be this day.

My phone is dead…front says NO COMMAND. Yes I have paid my bill. Then went outside to go check on the down the hill gang and the car is dead too. Havent had any trouble with the battery but it is on charge.  Never know what the day will hold….So back to finishing the Christmas cards.

Ya’ll have a better day than I am.

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  1. What the divil happened?

    Aliens, hovering over your house, taking x-ray pictures and robbing you of every electrical impulse in the house?

    How strange that it should happen like that, both at the same time!

    • Well…It did have me wondering.I left a note in the mailbox for 2sec. of time from my postalcarrier. Bless his heart. He is a friend but went out of his way to help poor little ole me. I had the charger hooked up but wasn’t sure I had done it correctly but he helped me get the car going and I went to town(again) and got a new battery. We decided with winter coming on that was the best thing to do.
      Now this phone situation is a puzzle. Compaany doen’t know what happened but it is back up and running…for now. I am slowly becoming a expert in problems. Of course you know what an expert is…a drip under pressure. Haha

      • I am SO glad you had the postal carrier chap. God Bless him for helping and getting your car going Bev!
        I agree … getting a new battery with Winter coming closer, is the wise thing to do. You don’t want to be stuck without the car when the cold cold weather settles in.

        Glad to hear the phone is back up and running again.

        It has to just be a coincidence that they both just happened to play up on the same day. Could have done without it … although mind … getting them both over and done with on the same day is perhaps a better alternative.

        I’m so proud of you. You really are jumping in at the deep end and tackling stuff. Well done you! ~ C. xxx


      • Yes, but now all but two of the grands are sick…flu…she took one of them to Dr. this morning and I had to go get the other two from school They are going to Dr. tomorrow and I will go over and keep two. New baby Sarah will go with her. At least her mom is helping her too.

      • Aw, this is an in-built fault with children … they do like to share EVERYTHING – including bugs and colds. And then … once they bring the bugs and colds home from school or from a play date, they then LOVE to share those bugs with their family too!

        Design fault I reckon. 😉 lol. xxx

  2. I am glad I read the conversation with Cobs and that your phone is once again working and so is your car! I did laugh about your definition of an expert! I had not heard that one before.
    I hope the coming days go much smoother for you.

  3. why is it like that? it seems if something goes wrong-something else will too-without fail. Good for you for making Christmas cards instead of fretting! Have a beautiful today any way! love Michele

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