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Yes….Snow in central Mississippi. No it wasn’t forecast.

Comments on: "SNOW!" (5)


    Aww, I remember snow with so much fondness.
    We used to get snow when we lived more in the middle of England. Now that we live in the south, we just don’t seem to get any snow, and I really miss it.

    Thank you for sharing yours with me. I think I might have to come and visit, just so I can play in the snow! Fancy a game of friendly snow balls, Bev?
    And …. (I’ve waited a long time for this opportunity ….) … Beverly …. 🎼 DO YOU WANT TO 🎶 BUILD A SNOW MAN? 🎶

    Giggling like an idiot now.
    LOLOLOL ~ C. xxxx

  2. Hurry ….it is leaving us pretty fast…which is the kind I like.

  3. Wow so amazing!

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