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Progress on Hoop

Another corner cleaned of the mint. Of course it will be an ongoing effort because every little bit left will sprout and grow. The battle will continue but I am getting there.The pictures are as followed #1 cleaned out corner..#2always good to find a worms #3  started reclaiming the back wall..fence pulled and attached to a post ( cover will be another day project ) and #4 hot momma..yes that is 110 degrees folks.

It is an ongoing project for sure. No…that isn’t any thing to eat in the #3 photo. those are more weeds to be removed another day…provided I can move. Gardening is good for getting your heart rate up but it also works on the arms and legs. Sore! But a good sore.

Spring is just around the corner. Things are popping out every day. I found these daffodils behind the trash pile after pruning the roses.IMG_20180216_121129

Comments on: "Progress on Hoop" (6)

  1. Well done Miss Bev. You may have worn out your muscles for a while, but look at what you’ve gained!
    Keep on, keeping on. ~ Cobs. xxx

  2. you have been busy! Good for you-I need to get in that same gear!-ugh!

  3. The burst didn’t last long. Now the rain has set in and who knows when I’ll get back to the project.

  4. Thanks for sharing the progress

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