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Soulful Sunday

Ali,over at has a new meme . Now I’m not sure what a meme is but this what she says…

“I am wondering if there is room for a Sunday meme, open to non-gardener bloggers too?  I’m thinking ‘Soulful Sunday’.  This would be anything that makes you feel emotional, warm and fuzzy, grateful, inspired, appreciative of the world around us?  But also if you feel you need a little connection with positivity, a way of reaching out to others and feeling reassured that we are all part of the same universe, and that the overwhelming urge in this world is to share and understand one another, to show compassion and kindness.”

Well I do . .. Way back I was blessed to come across a wonderful blogger that I have never met in person and may never. But about that time my husband had a fatal heart attack and my world turned upside down. My new friend , and yes she is a dear friend, became my rock to lean on. Now a year ,almost two years later, I know I can depend on her to be there to encourage me and scold me when needed. You should also know she is probably much younger than I am but I love her like a sister,daughter, mother or neighbor and every thing  else between. She is a very talented artist and a grandmother so we have that in common, the grand -mother part any way. A few weeks ago she posted about finding a daffodil in the cold of UK and what a surprise it was. Well as fate will sometimes work another dear blog friend was inspired to write a poem about the daffodil. This other friend has become a special person in my life too so I decided to create  a special card for the two of them and here it is.


I already had this paper napkin with the tulips and daffodils so just adding the paper 3D daffodils from Elizabethcraftdesigns was a no brainer. I have been learning to craft these paper flowers from dies that Susan Tierney Cockburn designs. They are so unique and so much fun.

Treasure you special people. They come in when least expected and are a gift from our Father in Heaven. I haven’t checked with these two friends on this post but I am pretty sure they won’t mind my sharing how very special they are to me.

You might want to check out themindfulgardnerblog and see what some others are thankful for. In the meantime…Remember…This is the Lord’s day…Rejoice!

Thank you for spending time with me and do come again and leave a comment so I will know you payed a visit.

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  1. Very Beautiful Beverly! XX

  2. Lovely card, Beverly! 💕

  3. This is beautiful. I am so pleased that you found such special people just when you needed them. Your daffodils are wonderful too.

  4. you know I feel so honored that you took on this project. What a sweet union this card represents. Mine is displayed and people are so touched when they hear the story. I am too. thank you dear friend and God bless you-love Michele

  5. Thankyou. I didn’t link directly to either of you because I had not ask. I don’t like to get into trouble. lol

  6. Hello beautiful Beverly.
    Firstly … you beat me to it. LOL. I’d already taken photographs of your incredible card and was going to do a blog post about it later this week.

    The card is SO so beautiful, and photographs don’t do it justice. The daffodils have a way of playing tricks with the eye and they really, really look like real daffodils on the front of the card. I haven’t loaded my pictures from my camera yet, so I’m hoping that when they’re BIG, that the daffodils actually show their beauty.

    Teaming the card with Rabbis poem was an inspired idea. When I unpacked the card I gasped with delight …. and then when I opened it and found Rabbits poem – well it then sent me right over the edge and I sat there blubbering about how lovely people were and how blessed I was.

    I still have the card and poem on display. I can’t bear to put it away. It’s so cheery and happy. So warm and filled to over-flowing with love.

    If it’s ok with you, I’ll still be blogging about it … but if you’d rather I didn’t then that’s ok too. Just say.

    Thank you Beverly. The time you took to make this card is so precious to me. I think I’ve always realised that someone giving me their time means more to me than

    • whoops… posted before I finished. lol.

      …. means more to me than words can ever say. For time is given with love, and it’s love which matters most.

      Sending you my love, as always ~ Cobs. xxx

    • Of course you can but remember sometimes BIG shows all the imperfections. I know….after photos I almost cry.

      • I know that your creations look lovely Beverly. You just do the artist thing … you only see where you feel you should have done something differently.

        The rest of us only see how incredible something you’ve made is. I wish you’d post your creations more often. People really do love to see them, for you come up with some beauties. ~ C. xxx ❤

  7. Really nice creations, Beverly!
    I’m not entirely sure what a Meme is either, but oddly, when I first started blogging I had the name of Me! Me! Mememe!, so I always knew a Meme was something linked to blogging, but not sure exactly how. Obviously, I’ve changed since those early days, but still haven’t learned!

  8. I love this Beverly. I know exactly who you are writing about….those two wonderful friends. Yes they are two amazing women who love the world and have such special gifts. You also are amazing Beverly and so very talented and caring! Love the cards They are beautiful.

    • Thank you. Yes most of my blog friends are special. Although I am getting some that are of question. lol Is Spring showing herself yet in your neighborhood?

  9. There are some good things about living in the South. lol

  10. As promised ….

    Hope you like the photograph of your card .I took some fresh ones, this time using my photo booth thingy – so that it had a blank space around it. I thought it looked way better because it made you see the card, rather than see things around the card in the background.

    GREAT card Miss Clever Crafter!
    Love ~ Cobs. xxx

  11. Carol Hardy said:

    I loved the card Beverly (my sister) gave me for Easter!! Unfortunately BB (my dog) loved it too!! Not even a picture remains !! It’s just in my heart !!!

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