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Back in January of this year, we had a smattering of snow here where I live in the South of England. Now snow in January isn’t anything unusual – for we are in the winter months and winter can bring forth all sorts of weather – snow being one of them. But what made the […]

via The story of A Daffodil; a Poem; Happy un-Birthday Wishes; and a Handmade Card . . . — The Cobweborium Emporium

Comments on: "The story of A Daffodil; a Poem; Happy un-Birthday Wishes; and a Handmade Card . . . — The Cobweborium Emporium" (8)

  1. I must be missing something….What question ?

    • That isn’t a genuine comment Bev. It’s SPAM – I’ve checked it out and found it all over the internet. Delete it.

      I’m going to make a post about spam, and how to find it on WordPress blogs, and how to check if something is spam or if it’s real. I’ve got half of it typed already, and I’m hoping to get it finished for sometime next week. ~ Cobs. xxx

  2. What a beautiful example of giving, both of you, from the heart. Guys would seldom think of things like the poem and the beautiful card (well at least I wouldn’t), which is another example of things we (I) would miss and how important giving from the heart is. Taking the time to truly care. Thank you!

    • Thank you Bruce. Cob was a new blog friend about the time my husband had his heart attack and has been here for me ever since. god placed her in my life right when I needed her.

  3. Thank you.Hope to meet her in person some day but it may be on the other side.

  4. Love you Miss Daffodil Card Maker Extraordinaire! Big time! ~ Cobs. xxx

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