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DSCN2127Seems like a round every corner this week there was something to direct my attention in another direction. One of my blog friends has a WIP  blog day. ( that is work-in- progress) this seemed to be a good indication maybe my blog should participate. I need all the direction someone can muster up. So ….after pictures ,which I have often forgotten to take, I was well on my way. Then the first redirection took place.


My son came to remove three large pine trees that had given up .That is him in the bucket at the top after felling the very top. Then everything was going well until he needed to move the truck. Soft dirt…mud and one very stuck big truck. Story ended well. After a lot of ” country folk thinking’ we and yes I said we  managed to get her moving again. Do you know what a wrecker would have cost? Well…we weren’t going there. Now there are two large deep holes in my yard but the truck is back in service.  We will deal with the holes another day.

Back with the WIP. There has been progress there too. It isn’t finished just yet. Waiting for Nuvo Drops to dry but here you can see there has been a change. The first photo is the die cuts ready for color and the second photo ,in the top , is the almost finished card. You can see the Nuvo Drops drying on the right. Mini Mouse you see…yes that is the next


detour of the week. There is a second birthday coming up and this grandma had no idea what to do for this sweet grand-daughter . As luck would have it, and I really don’t believe in luck as such ,there on email this morning was a new idea for a tunnel book. Now I did one for Little Cobs at Christmas ,you can check archives for that, and didn’t even think about doing it again but BINGO! Just in time to save this grand from looking pretty piteful at the Mini Mouse party. Now I know I could just go to the store and buy a gift but I hope a handmade gift from this gran will someday make them proud to say” My Bebe made this just for me”. Later when it is finished I’ll let you in on the final project. I hope it turns out like I think it will, but you never know.

I you don’t know about the few remaining hours at Tom’s  2500 party day go check it out.

You can find him at BeyondtheSphere or tlmerriman.wordpress,com  I’m not sure how to link his blog but you are smart and can find it.

Until these projects are finished do have a good rest of the weekend and new week.  Remember…This is the Lord’s day…REJOICE!   ps. it is also a week until Easter…the real Lord’s day and I for one am so very thankful what what He did for me.

Comments on: "WIP; Dead Trees;Mini Mouse and more" (10)

  1. The truck … oh. my. goodness!!! How on earth do you get a truck THAT size, out of the mud it’s stuck in!!!
    My first thought was …. put some old carpet as far under the tires as you can get it so that it gives the truck some purchase. (It’s a trick I learned a hundred years ago when my car got stuck in snow on top of ice – and it worked like a magic trick).

    I was glad to read that the truck was released from it’s prison, and although left it’s calling card, it’s something that could be repaired. (Just be careful madam!)

    The card – with the flowers OHHH WOWZER!! Another bobby dazzler from the hands of the Magical Mistress of MoreInkPlease!
    Personally … I reckon you have magic fingers – or – you might be part of Hogwarts teaching staff. Hmm.. that’s a possible.


    GREAT post Bev. Loved the whole thing from start to finish – GREAT photos too!
    BIG love and lots of squidges ~ Cobs. (and little Cobs sends a squidge too)

    • You have heard the expression if something doesn’t work go back and do it the way mother told you to. hehe #3 and his worker did several things including going back home for another truck to pull with,but no deal. I kept telling them to put some of those wood chips
      ( that were in the big truck) under the wheel. Finely they used the stabilizers to jack up the side that was spinning and shoveled “wood chips” under both wheels. BINGO!
      Of course being a farm girl I have had a lot experience being stuck lol Mr. Farmer P was always stuck either a truck or tractor. Good way to lose a whole day.

  2. I think you got a lot accomplished!! That card is gorgeous Beverly!

  3. Soul Gifts said:

    Clever you ! I came by to say thanks for the follow,. I’ve often seen your comments on Tom’s posts. Nice to finally connect 🙂

  4. what a beautiful post-and you are so right, you are creating some lovely memories.

  5. I’m always in admiration for “country think” because I’m too much of a city folk to be helpful for these situations…

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