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Sometimes I just have to shake my head in disbelief.

What exactly is Enneagram of Personalities?

The author of the book entitled “The Sacred Enneagram” Christopher Heuertz explains Enneagram this way:

“The Enneagram illustrates the nine archetypal human character structures, the nine beautifully flawed ways of being us.”

Beautifully flawed?  I believe that the Bible is quite clear when it calls our “flaws”  by their proper name:  SIN.

Mr. Heuertz said that a friend of his put it this way:

“One of my teachers, Russ Hudson says, “Type isn’t a ‘type’ of person, but a path to God.” I believe it’s sacred because as a map of our soul it’s a compassionate sketch of possibilities. The Enneagram is less about nine “types of people” and more about nine paths back to our true selves and nine paths to divine love.”

Nine paths to divine love?  Can it be any…

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Comments on: "Enneagram: New Age Practice Spreading Like Wildfire Among Christians" (4)

  1. Thanks for writing about this. I had never seen it before. I looked at the chart and immediately wondered where the tie to Christ was hidden. Guess it’s well hidden!!!! Now I know to stay clear of it.

  2. Sometimes it isn’t very clear and this is where the trouble begins and the deceptions gets deeper and deeper. Lord help us be better informed so we can know the way to You.

  3. Sad to see Evangelical “fads” that are quite unbiblical…

  4. This is s hard to chew. I haven’t heard of such. How do they come up with stuffs like this?
    Thanks for sharing dear Beverly.

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