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We have quite a stream of readers of our blog from Southern California and I thought it would be helpful to post this.

This is courtesy of Craig Huey of Election Forum (HT).

I have gotten less political over the years and while I do not believe salvation or the kingdom of God is achieved by political means nevertheless I believe Christians must be informed so that when they practice the privilege of voting in the United States they vote not against biblical principles but as much as possible consistent with it.  Over the years California legislature has become increasingly tyrannical against Christians values in the name of “tolerance” such as Assembly Bill 2943 which fortunately was shelved and was a huge answer prayer.

So here’s the voter’s guide for Los Angeles County for November 6th, 2018:

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Comments on: "November 6th, 2018 Los Angeles County Christian Conservative Voter’s Guide" (1)

  1. Scheduling it on my twitter to be shared a few hours from now!

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