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Dear Reader:

Much needed God winks continue to blink, especially during these late winter dreary gray days with intermittent rain forthcoming. Compared to the weather around the rest of the nation ( snow blizzards, floods, droughts)  I know I should be down on my knees remembering Paul’s second letter to the church at Thessalonica…”In everything give thanks.” (And I do believe everything covers dreary gray days!)

I remember hearing or reading once that the most life-altering/forming  times are usually found during the ‘dull in-between times.’ How true…we actually function better during busy times, expectant times, or even in crisis times. It truly is the “dull in-between” periods that bring on bad cases of the “blahs” and test our faith more than ever.

But these trying times have a flip side…we are more open to signs and winks… than at other self-satisfied occasions. Our loyal post reader, Beverly…

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  1. Been praying for your prayer requests that you shared…just FYI

  2. Beautiful work, the details are absolutely perfect. An what you say about about being open to God is very true.

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