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I wrote this article over two years ago. Today I felt in my spirit that I needed to bring this out once again.  The New Age movement is spreading like never before. It is even accepted in many so-called Evangelical churches. Contemplative prayer, Christian Yoga, Grave Soaking……..brethren, it just never ends what people will believe and accept as from God. These people have no discernment and cannot tell the difference between God’s Holy Word and the “whispers” of the devil.

The Holy Word of God has been nudged away, and in its place has come the devil’s lies.  Many Christian parents know all too well that this is happening to and has happened to their children.

In the past few years, I have written on the Mysticism of Kabbalah. The following article speaks much about Mysticism in New Age teaching, and unfortunately now from pulpits in our churches as well…

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Comments on: "The New Age MESS Called the “Message”" (4)

  1. Amen.:)

  2. I’m sorry your friend Geri feels that way. This is what I left on her blog:

    Eugene Peterson passed away in October of last year. I have heard him speak, and he was anything but New Age. The Message was written because he saw so many people not connecting with scripture. Especially the KJV. It was his effort to update the language to people would not see it as too distant or old hat. It made that connection, and as you said has been a best seller. I’m sorry you feel the way you do about Peterson. He truly had a heart for God.

    None of us have the right to judge others. Only God can look at the heart.

  3. Yeah that esoteric teaching stems from ancient Babylon under Nimrod, semiramis and tammuz. That’s stuff is dangerous. We shouldn’t be getting in touch with no higher self or higher power other than the heavenly father. KEEP SPREADING THE TRUTH.

  4. a pastor here had a message in regards to his peeves, like church attendees who think its perfecrly fine to use “omg” in their social media. He asked why folks dont take up some other exercise besides doing yoga, due to how that exercise had come to be. It was pretty funny and interesting to hear him, as many agreed.

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