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I love David Horowitz.

Not just because he is a fellow Jew ( he doesn’t know Yeshua yet and says he doesn’t even believe in God) but because he is a truth teller – a Conservative, brilliant teller of truth. He’s brave, you know. Just as Blacks are expected to be Liberal Democrats, the same has always been for Jews. We are expected to go to synagogue, love our heritage and traditions and vote Democratic.  The “voting” part is of utmost important.

I believe that Jesus has big plans for David Horowitz.  I am praying for his Salvation.

David Horowitz was invited to speak to students from UC Berkeley in 2017. It was decided that having the students hear this Conservative scholar’s words would be harmful to them.  The powers that be at UC Berkeley alerted him that they were cancelling his visit for the safety of their students.

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Comments on: "“DARK AGENDA” A Conservative Jew Warns of Coming Persecution of Christians in America" (7)

  1. This a frightful article. We must pray without ceasing!

  2. Prayer is definitely needed. Fervent and without stopping. Thank you for reblogging this Beverly.

  3. hawk2017 said:

    Amen. The TrueBelievers are in for a satanic firestorm if our Savior, Christ Jesus tarries ‘in the snatching up’ of the True Church.:( Our God will help us stand. If He takes you to it. He will take you thru it.

  4. Yes ,but my prayer is he comes for us soon.

  5. hawk2017 said:

    My whole Soul cries out for this.

  6. What a sober warning

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