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Motherhood is a Calling

The Road


This is from the blog Deep and Wide:

By Rachel Jankovic

A few years ago, when I just had four children and when the oldest was still three, I loaded them all up to go on a walk. After the final sippy cup had found a place and we were ready to go, my two-year-old turned to me and said, “Wow! You have your hands full!”

She could have just as well said, “Don’t you know what causes that?” or “Are they all yours?!”

Everywhere you go, people want to talk about your children. Why you shouldn’t have had them, how you could have prevented them, and why they would never do what you have done. They want to make sure you know that you won’t be smiling anymore when they are teenagers. All this at the grocery store, in line, while your children listen.

A Rock-Bottom Job?


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Comments on: "Motherhood is a Calling" (3)

  1. hawk2017 said:

    What a great testimony. I have never regreted my children. I love my Grands and a Great-grand. What a gift of our God.:)

  2. Thank you for reblogging this article.

  3. It is an amazing calling

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