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I’ve been planting in the garden like a madwoman, hence, not as much time as I’d like to blog and keep up with the never-ending housework. Happily though, I’ve been reading, or should I say listening, to a good book while I am tending to the weeds and seeds. Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Patti Callahan is a wonderful novel about the friendship and love of Joy Davidman and C.S. Lewis. As with the best of books, any nagging thought or worry I’m facing at the moment disappears when I’m listening to the story. You can read a good synopsis of the story on GoodReads/Becoming Mrs. Lewis. I’ve found that fiction based on true-life often prompts me to delve further into biographies and photo records of the subjects; this has been the case with Joy Davidman and C.S. Lewis, the main characters in the novel.

I’m listening to this…

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Comments on: "Pages – Becoming Mrs. Lewis and Hoopla" (4)

  1. Timelesslady said:

    Thanks so much for the re-blog…it’s appreciated!

  2. hawk2017 said:

    Ty sooo much for Hoopla and hope the garden grows much beauty.:)

  3. Hope the planting keeps going well, I do find this a busy time of year too.

  4. To answer your question on my blog: I do speak the specific language but don’t have that much vocabulary

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