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Sin made me ashamed. It made me want to run. If you had told me one day I would write about it I would be afraid. But now, I know God has received glory because I chose Him over my sin.

PARENTAL WARNING:  I highly encourage you to go over the post first. I do talk about topics that can be uncomfortable.

Sexual sin is often one of the most common sins our world struggles with, and Christians are not exempt. We live in a world that is often about me, me, me, and sexual sin or sexual pleasure (of any kind) is all about pleasing the flesh.

  • Lust

-looking at someone with sexual desire, undressing them, thinking desiring thoughts, observing their body, etc.

  • Self-pleasure

-Sexual fantasy, pleasing one own’s body sexually, often engaging with lust as well, especially through porn or visual aid of some kind.

  • Treating A…

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