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Please understand this truth.


compiled by Michael Jeshurun

“Christianity cannot be integrated with yoga and remain Christian. To think otherwise imperils the Christian truth and faith. As the managing editor of ‘Hinduism Today,’ Sannyasin Arumugaswami, remarks, ‘Hinduism is the soul of yoga ‘based as it is on Hindu Scripture and developed by Hindu sages. Yoga opens up new and more refined states of mind, and to understand them one needs to believe in and understand the Hindu way of looking at God. . . . A Christian trying to adapt these practices will likely disrupt their own Christian beliefs’.’ East is east, and west is west, and if Christianity is to remain Christian, ‘the twain’ should never be married. – Pastor Larry De Bruyn

“The practice of Yoga is Pagan at best, and Occult at worst. Its teachings emanate from the Eastern religions, all of which…

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  1. My husband has a lot of issues with his back, fractures and shifting disks. We went to see a new doctor Monday and they, no joke, recommended yoga. I can’t think of any other religious ritual doctors are recommending today, but Hinduism has crept into mainstream culture to such an extreme extent. Thank you for sharing this, it’s very important!

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