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I do have ablog’friend’ who I pray reads this with an open heart.

He Hath Said

…as of one born out of due time. – 1 Corinthians 15:8

There have been some dear friends, who may be said to have been “born out of due time,” for they have been converted to God after it seemed impossible that they ever should be. I recollect well reading of one who imbibed sceptical notions, and became exceedingly furious against the preaching of the Word. One day, in Edinburgh, he heard it said that, a certain eminent minister of the gospel intended, if he met him, to speak with him about his soul; whereupon the man uttered some very strong expressions, and, amongst other wicked things, he said, “I shall never be converted unless I lose my senses:” All who were acquainted with him, and who knew how desperately he was set against the gospel, thought that his was indeed a hopeless case; but, in the infinite mercy of…

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Comments on: "In the Infinite Mercy of God" (2)

  1. Hope you are doing well sister

  2. Thank you. So far so good with my mother(96) back in her house down the road from me. Of course I am in and out often but she seem to be doing ok.
    Is your trip still on or had the China thing pulled out the stops.

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