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Brethren, I am just going to get right into this frontpagemag piece by David Horowitz. It states things that we already know, but it needed to be in PRINT:

Did the America people not see this HATRED hiding in “Plain Site” at the SOTU Address?


The Hate America Project

How the NY Times, the Pulitzer Foundation and America’s cultural elite have aimed a dagger at America’s heart.

Editorial Note: It’s time to recognize that the current ideologies of the progressive Left and the Democrat Party – Cultural Marxism and Identity Politics – pose existential threats to America’s survival.

America is unique among nations in being founded on a set of ideas and values rather than having a shared “identity” based on “blood and soil.” The founding of America during the revolutionary era 1776 – 1787 was based on principles that provide the sinews of our national identity. They…

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  1. when Lord? When will all of this end.?

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