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Originally written in 2016 –  I often feel  a nudge from the Holy Spirit to repost this.  The enemy of our souls never ceases to attack the body of Christ.  

One way he chooses is to whisper to Christians that Yoga is perfectly fine for them – as long as they stay away from meditation.

This is NOT true, brethren.  I pray that this article helps someone who is caught up in the Hindu practice of Yoga!

Also, with the false teachings abounding in nearly every denomination, I felt that it was so vitally important to bring this piece out once again.
Have you watched the people from Emergent churches and NAR (New Apostolic Church) as they writhe on the floors, barking like dogs and then laughing uncontrollably?   Is this from God?  
Most Certainly NOT!

Original Article:

Nothing seems to get a heated debate started faster than…

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Comments on: "CHRISTIAN YOGA: Bringing the Kundalini Spirit Into the Church" (2)

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  2. So much false spirits out there

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